Dec 31 2018

The Emails Of 2020

Sure we have legitimate news today. Elizabeth Warren has announced she’s forming an exploratory committee for 2020. She’s not my personal favorite at the moment because she has serious gaping Left flaws but she’s a damn sight more Left than Uncle Joe “Anita Hill” Biden.

It did not take 5 minutes for MSNBC to raise the issue of her Native American heritage WHICH SHE HAS DAMN IT, not much but enough to thoroughly justify a tale told by her Granny that she had some. The reason I know I’m a quarter Viking is Grand Dad came over on a boat, the rest is English, Scot, and German. Would I be surprised to find something else? Not at all, parts of the family go way back and the Colonials as a rule were fairly indiscriminate in their affections (in this case meaning love interests and not mannerisms), but I’ll be jiggered if you think I’m going to turn over my DNA to a MegaCorp for what is essentially an Identity Politics Vanity Plate.

Warren unfortunately, because she is a public figure, didn’t have the luxury. Once she mentioned it casually as a family legend it was seized as an attack point by the Far Right, who hated her with a passion, and the Corporatist Centrist Media who see her as a threat because her Economic Policy is slightly to the Right of Richard Milhous Nixon.

Yeah, contemplate that in despair.

Does it remind me of the actual factual witch hunt of Hillary Clinton over Whitewater and Bengahzi, BENGAHZI, BENGAHZI!!!, the great nothingburber of her Emails?


And it raises my suspicion the Corporatist Centrist Media (the Rabid Right are hopeless anyway, a basket of deplorables indeed) is somehow institutionally intolerant of the concept that a woman can be a boss.

MSNBC has promised to raise the issue again (and again and again) should she decide to actually run (highly likely) and this is the liberal network.

She has an announcement video floating around that I’ll try to post as soon as I find it.

Update: TADA!

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