Jan 01 2019

That Flower Thing

I want to say that the Rose Parade is about the only nationally televised one I haven’t come to at least temporarily despise. Macy’s is Show Tunes (not that there’s anything wrong with Show Tunes), Commercials, and Big Balloons. Well, we have Big Balloons in Stamford Connecticut too and like many New York City rituals I don’t exactly understand the point of standing around under strict security in the freezing cold with no bathrooms, food, or drinks.

The Rose Parade is the real deal. They have Bands (yes Macy’s has Bands but they never show them) and Equestrian Units (the historical heart of the Parade), and Animated Floats made of Flowers that while they pitch a Corporatist message are at least fairly subtle about it.

And they show the Bands. As someone who wasted a lot of time practicing with the biggest Club in School (we were called Band-Os, I kept trying to move it to Band Aids which I thought screamingly funny at the time) I appreciate the attention because parents sacrifice Thousands to pay for the trips. It’s worth it, they are life changing experiences. Emily went to the Rose Parade, she plays Flute and Piccalo.

My most notable Band trip was to a Ski Lodge, just for fun. They also had Horse Riding so I was only one horse behind, a witness while a future Miss America finalist was mauled and gobbled up because hers slipped and kicked the one in front of me. She played French Horn and Piano but dropped Band to become the Pianist for the Choir and I eventually replaced her in the Horn section because I was good enough at everything Brass but not particularly good at anything even though I was First Seat Euphonium.

I gave that over to my companion on the trip home.

I was also injured. A Linebacker (who says you can’t be musical and play Sports?) slammed into me on the slopes and while the force blew me out of my bindings the real damage was a 10 inch rip on my shin that left a minor cut in my blue jeans. I didn’t notice it at all until my boot started to squish.

One trip to the Emergency Room later I was consigned to the casualty list and soon enough my Second Seat joined me with a shoulder injury. I don’t remember the particulars. When the time came to head home we were both assigned to the ‘Cripple Bus’.

She was beautiful, much better looking and nicer in every respect than future Miss Connecticut. Out of Section Solidarity we sat together, she on the side where her sling arm was not exposed. It was long and dark and eventually she fell asleep leaning against me.

I, on the other hand, was quite awake.

During the ride home, after we got off the bus, Richard (who had been a Chaperone) said, “So, how’d you enjoy the trip?”

“Umm… It was ok.”

I am an idiot. You can carve that on my forehead and tombstone.

My most notable Choir trip (What can I tell you? I did school as a courtesy to the System and needed only enough overall credits to keep active, I already had what I needed to graduate, but lacked a Quarter credit in Gym which my Coach busted my balls on even though I had a Varsity exemption, so I had to have Richard plead my case and wound up cleaning lockers for four hours) I missed. Bus left at 7 am and we passed them leaving.

It was not all bad. My Alternative Newspaper had a trip scheduled to go into New York on the same day and pick up some Awards from the Columbia School of Journalism, one of which was mine, and it was fun but not a novelty.

When I got back Richard said, “Are you still packed?”

Well, I’ve been away.

So we hit the road and several hours later I was with my Choir. It was a very nice thing to do.

Anyway I no longer feel compelled to liveblog the Rose Parade.

Here’s the Order of March

Pre-Parade Vehicles and Units

  1. Sound Car
  2. Pace Car
  3. Rose Parade Opening Show
  4. Rose Parade Opening Unit presented by Honda Rose
  5. Rose Parade Opening Pod x 4
  6. Kaiser Catamount Pride Band & Color Guard, Fontana
  7. Honda CRV (2 vehicles)
  8. U.S. Air Force B-2 Spirit Flyover


  1. Celebration of Dreams, American Honda Motor Co., (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  2. Alabama State University Mighty Marching Hornets
  3. U.S. Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard
  4. U.S. Marine Corps, West Coast Composite Band
  5. Still Serving America, The American Legion, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  6. Spirit of the West Riders
  7. Home Tweet Home, City of Alhambra, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  8. Flower Mound High School Band, Flower Mound, Texas
  9. Far Out Frequencies, Cal Poly Universities, (Self-built)
  10. Mini Therapy Horses
  11. Music Moves Us — Inspiring a Healthier World, Kaiser Permanente, (Fiesta Floats)
  12. Wells Fargo Stagecoaches
  13. Chaka Khan, 2019 Tournament of Roses Grand Marshal
  14. The Power of Music, City of Torrance/Torrance Rose Float Association, (Fiesta Parade Floats)
  15. The Lassiter High School Marching Trojan Band, Marietta, Ga
  16. Rhythm of the Heart, Donate Life, (Fiesta Floats)
  17. 2019 Tournament of Roses President Gerald Freeny
  18. California Highway Patrol Mounted Patrol Unit
  19. Harmony of Hope, City of Hope, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  20. Florida A&M University, The Incomparable Marching 100
  21. A Carousel of Experience, Farmers Insurance Group, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  22. Banda Escolar de Guayanilla, Puerto Rico
  23. Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Honor Band
  24. The Best Almonds Make the Best Almondmilk, Blue Diamond Growers, (AES Creative)
  25. Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Herald Trumpets
  26. 2019 Royal Court
  27. Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Honor Band
  28. Stompin’ Good Time, Burbank Tournament of Roses Association, (Self-built)
  29. Yellow Submarine, Western Asset Management Co., (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  30. Scripps Miramar Ranch
  31. Ohio State University Float
  32. Ohio State University Band
  33. Helping Kids Rock Their Future, Kiwanis International, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  34. Ride Captain Ride, Trader Joe’s Company, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  35. Mercer Island High School Marching Band, Mercer Island, Wash.
  36. Taste the Magic, Stella Rosa Wines, (Fiesta Parade Floats)
  37. Pickerington Marching Band, Pickerington, Ohio
  38. Tree Frog Night, La Cañada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association, (Self-built)
  39. University of Washington Float
  40. University of Washington Band
  41. A Divine Melody Resonates in All, United Sikh Mission, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  42. Fezzy’s Garden of Hope and Healing, Shriners Hospitals for Children, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  43. Mayor of Pasadena, Terry Tornek
  44. Books Keep Us On Our Toes, The UPS Store, Inc., (Fiesta Parade Floats)
  45. Pacific Crest Drum & Bugle Corps
  46. Tuned for Any Challenge, 24 Hour Fitness USA, (AES)
  47. The Valley Hunt Club
  48. Spend Your Life Living, Northwestern Mutual, (Fiesta Parade Floats)
  49. 2019 Rose Bowl Game Hall of Fame Inductees
  50. Service Rocks!, Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  51. LAUSD All-District High School Honor Band, Los Angeles
  52. Rockin’ the Vest, Lions Clubs International, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  53. The New Buffalo Soldiers
  54. Chanting Stones: Karahunj, American Armenian Rose Float Association, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  55. The Salvation Army Tournament of Roses Band
  56. Rhythms of Taiwan, China Airlines, (AES Creative)
  57. U.S. Forest Service Pack Mules Celebrate Smokey Bear’s 75th Birthday
  58. Play. Rest. Repeat., Big Bear Rose Parade Association, (Fiesta Floats)
  59. The Norco Cowgirls & Little Miss Norco Cowgirls Rodeo Drill Teams
  60. Joy to the World, the Lord is Come, Lutheran Laymen’s League/Lutheran Hour Ministries, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  61. Na Koa Ali’I — Hawaii All-State Marching Band
  62. Rhythm of Paradise, Dole Packaged Foods, (Fiesta Floats)
  63. Hawaii Pa’u Riders
  64. Come Sail Away, Carnival Cruise Lines, (Fiesta Floats)
  65. 1st Cavalry Division, Horse Cavalry Detachment, U.S. Army
  66. 200 Years of Harmony, Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Rose Float, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  67. Another Day in Paradise, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, (Fiesta Floats)
  68. Munford High School Band, Munford, Tenn.
  69. Let’s Go To The Hop, Downey Rose Float Association, (Self-built)
  70. Los Hermanos Bañuelos Charro Team
  71. Cultivate a Better World, Chipotle Mexican Grill, (AES Creative)
  72. All-Izumo Honor Green Band, Izumo, Japan
  73. Harmony’s Garden, Sierra Madre Rose Float Association, (Self-built)
  74. Budweiser Clydesdales
  75. Celebrating Easterseals — 100 Years of Disability Services, Easterseals, (Fiesta Floats)
  76. Banda Municipal de Acosta, Costa Rica
  77. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Universal Pictures & Dreamworks Animation presents “How To Train Your Dragon”, (AES)
  78. Calgary Stampede Showband
  79. Calgary Stampede Showriders
  80. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, (Phoenix Decorating Company)
  81. Cavalcade of Bands Honor Band, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
  82. Harmony Through Union, Chinese American Heritage Foundation, (Fiesta Floats)
  83. Gold Rush Fire Brigade, Pilot Hill, Calif.
  84. Three Little Birds, South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association, (Self-built)
  85. Lincoln-Way Marching Band, New Lenox, Illinois
  86. Backyard Harmony, Underground Service Alert of Southern California (DigAlert), (Fiesta Parade Floats)
  87. Royal Swedish Cadet Band


  1. Wells Fargo Closing Satellite Pod
  2. Wells Fargo Stagecoach — Rose Parade Closing Show
  3. Rose Parade Closing Unit

I kind of hope this link works.

Rose Parade Live Stream- KTLA