Jan 02 2019

What Are You Going To Do? Assemble A Cabinet At Them?

Today Unindicted Co-conspirator Trump is holding 2 big meetings. The second one is the Group of Eight meeting with the Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate.

It’s the one people have been talking about because it’s being held in the high security Situation Room instead of one of the more usual spaces. Allegedly the reason is that Unindicted Co-conspirator Trump wishes to emphasize that his $5.6 Billion Public Penis of a White Elephant Boondoggle is a “National Security” issue. This is of course a lie.

Another thing that’s controversial about it is that in Faux Noise-speak Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer, and Durbin were “summoned” to attend as if they were Peasants to be ordered about like the illegal immigrants Unindicted Co-conspirator Trump routinely employs at his Golf properties, manufacturing fake paperwork to defraud ICE. This impression is reinforced by the fact that this hastily called meeting is no longer characterized as a “Discussion” and instead is a “Briefing”. That means Unindicted Co-conspirator Trump doesn’t want to listen, he wants to yell and scream at them. The Democratic leaders toyed with the idea that they would simply refuse to attend and that’s exactly what I would have advised- “I’m sorry. I’m busy supervising the installation of the curtains in my new office.”

The other meeting was with his Cabinet. Even before it was finished reaction to Unindicted Co-conspirator Trump’s fantastical and unhinged ramblings came pouring in.

Well, you know me and train wrecks

When I present these things I like to include the context. Fortunately the Washington Post put up a complete recording of the farcical madness.

It is long, 2:44. I expect for most it will be painful to endure, however one of our missions is to “document the atrocities”.

If you have a certain sense of humor though it’s screamingly funny. It’s like an extended Alec Baldwin cold open from Saturday Night Live. Drop the needle anywhere and watch as much as you can stand- pure comedy gold.