Throwball Conference Championships: Patsies at Chiefs

Have I mentioned recently that I hate the Patsies with the white hot intensity of a thousand Suns? Well, at least not since last week, I’ve been distracted. This is of course because Robert Kraft dicked over Hartford so he could extort a better Stadium in Foxboro, but also because Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are cheaters.

Don’t you think Brady looks old? I sure do and the Chiefs’ Pat Mahomes looks pretty invincible. If it weren’t for 1 asshole fan I’d unreservedly favor the hapless and inoffensive Chiefs unless they were playing a team I liked better (Packers, Giants, Aints, Seahawks, pretty much in that order).

So the Patsies are going down (though again they are predicting a close game, but they always do) and I’ll hardly be able to contain my schadenfreude. My local dive won’t be fit to visit however until Bruins/Celtics mania takes hold in mid-March.


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  1. Well at least KC didn’t make it easy.

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