NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2019: Final

I can’t tell you how done I am with NCAA Basketball at this point, even though it’s been a relatively easy year from an assembly standpoint despite the data being the dirtiest I can remember. I am disappointed but not surprised by UConn’s exit, only to whom, and since State’s departure I have little reason to pay any attention at all what with Curling (Sweden over Canada who made some very bad decisions about control of the Hammer) and American Gods. The Metropolitans are but a single game behind the Phillies in the loss column and we have Shanghai coming up Sunday so there’s that.

On the other hand I have also watched the Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, Team and Individual, and while it’s athletic I’m not sure it qualifies as a sport as the judging is entirely subjective. Give me some Darts or Team Handball please.

Virginia has never won, which is interesting, Texas Tech is an underdog. This information doesn’t make me lean either way.

The puzzle is to decide if I want to get back into Le Tour which is a pain in the ass because it falls during Summer travel season and I spend a lot of time on the road.

Does have a cool song though.

Results of the Regional Finals


Seed School Record Score Region Seed School Record Score Region
1 Virginia 33 – 3 63 South 5 Auburn 30 – 10 62 Midwest
2 Mich. St. 32 – 7 51 East 3 * Texas Tech 29 – 6 61 West

Tonight’s Game


Time Network Seed School Record Region Seed School Record Region
9:20 pm CBS 1 Virginia 33 – 3 South 3 Texas Tech 29 – 6 West


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  1. After 5 minutes of play in the 1st half

    #3 Texas Tech 3 – #1 Virginia 2

  2. After 10 minutes of play in the 1st half

    #3 Texas Tech 7 – #1 Virginia 15

  3. With 5 minutes to halftime

    #3 Texas Tech 25 – #1 Virginia 21

  4. Halftime

    #3 Texas Tech 29 – #1 Virginia 32

  5. Once again the the Men’s NCAA pre-game and halftime commentators are a fashion show. Tonight they should all make the cover of GQ.

    From right to left:

    Charles Barkley as usual really stands out in an ivory sports jacket with a white shirt and a coffee paisley tie.

    On his right is Kenny Smith sporting a light coffee colored seersucker jacket with a dark brown tie.

    Next to Kenny is Clark Kellogg in a blue check jacket with a medium blue shirt and a green tie.

    On the far left is Ernie Johnson Jr. wearing a dark blue jacket, a blue print pocket hankie, a white shirt and a patterned bow tie.

    At court side is Greg Gumbel wearing a dark blue jacket with a dark blue and red gingham pocket square, blue and white striped shirt, red patterned tie

    With Greg is Seth Davis who looks great in a black jacket with a lavender pocket square, lavender shirt and a black and lavender tie.

    The coaches are looking good, too. Virginia coach wearing a shadow powder blue plaid sports jacket, medium blue slacks, and light blue pin check shirt sans tie.

    The Texas Tech coach is a bit more formal in a blue suit, white shirt and red tie with a black pattern.

  6. After 5 minutes of play in the 2nd half

    #3 Texas Tech 33 – #1 Virginia 42

  7. With less than 5 minutes left to play

    #3 Texas Tech 53 – #1 Virginia 59

  8. After regular play the game is tied and goes to 5 minutes of OT

    #3 Texas Tech 68 – #1 Virginia 68

  9. Final

    #3 Texas Tech 77 – #1 Virginia 85

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