Jun 19 2019

The Mueller Report: TL;DR

As anyone, who has taken an inorganic chemistry or physical chemistry class knows, some of the material is a long, complicated, detailed read and a great sleep inducer. That’s the problem with the 448 page Mueller Report. Even with redactions, for many people, including some of our congressional representatives, it is too long and they didn’t read it. Yet, they feel free to criticize its content and, yes, conclusions. Enter Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) to the rescue for all those lazy, reading comprehension impaired, right wingers. PBS has summarized the important points of the report in a less 3 minute video.

So for those who find the report tl;dr and those who can’t, or won’t, read it, there are no more excuses.

The video was made and narrated by Lisa Desjardins and William Brangham of PBS.

Ed Note: I’ve read the report, twice. This video helped as a guide to the really important points that the right wingers and Trump supporters so blithely ignore.