Jun 20 2019

What He Said

I could not have said this any better and, as a Jew, agree wholeheartedly.

Attention White Christians Who Feel the Need to Tell Everyone What Is Or Is Not Anti-Semitism or Is Or Is Not Like the Holocaust

Adam L. Silverman, Balloon Juice

Shut your pudgy pie holes and sit your flabby asses down!

This includes, but is not limited to:

Megan “I know Hadassah Lieberman” McCain

Liz “Daddy’s Little Deferment” Cheney

And Erick “I’ve Got So Many Chins, They Cannot Be Fully Counted” Erickson.

Also, if you’re a Jew without Mercy, like Ben Shapiro, keep your Lashon HaRa in your mouth and sit your 4’10 inch tuchas down with the others! And I’m not interested in debating you, but I am willing to spar. And I’ll spot you whatever weapon you want and I’ll only use my left arm, the forearm of which, is bigger than you are.

That is all.

Signed, one very pissed off Jewish American who knows damn well that they’re concentration camps.