Colbert Nation

As a member since Strangers With Candy I can’t say I’m surprised when Stephen reveals his policy wonk chops (nor his Star Wars and LotR geekdom though I must say he includes sources I don’t consider canon). I do think it a sad but hardly original commentary on the current state of what passes for Journalism that one can get more actual news from a late night comedy/variety show than you can from 24 hours of any of the dedicated cable channels.


Stephen gives practically a whole hour to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (on a very busy day where the chamber adopted Rules for the Impeachment debate). When was the last time MSNBC did that?

It’s only fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Then it’s just fun.

Ok, so 22 minutes more or less, that’s 22 minutes more than you got on CNN and we got to pay bills and stuff.

And as an aside the show is so much better when you let Stephen throw heat. Let’s never go back to idiot Actors and Musicians pitching their next project.