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AP’s Today in History for November 3rd

Iran-Contra scandal begins to unfold; Chile’s Salvador Allende takes office; Carol Moseley-Braun is first black woman elected to U.S. Senate; Former pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura elected Minnesota governor.

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Aída Chávez, The Intercept

THIS WEEK, a coalition of more than three dozen progressive women joined forces to launch an organization dedicated to electing women from working-class and low-income backgrounds to Congress. Matriarch, a political action committee, intends to boost grassroots candidates by providing early financial and institutional support to women who aren’t independently wealthy or able to raise large amounts of money in short periods of time. The initiative, which is a couple of years in the making, is the latest effort in the progressive movement’s work to build an ecosystem in which lesser-known candidates are given the tools to succeed.

Justice Democrats, the group that recruited and helped elect New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, was created to boost insurgents who wanted to challenge corporate Democrats in Congress. And its sister organization launched Movement School earlier this year to train working-class organizers how to work as campaign managers, communications directors, and field directors.

From former elected officials and congressional candidates to labor leaders and political activists, the women behind Matriarch are drawing from their own experiences navigating the political system to help create an infrastructure that supports working women, who often also deal with household and child care responsibilities at the same time as campaigning.



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What if Lizzo’s Truth Hurts was by Mumford & Sons? (ft. Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose)