String Theory

You know, I’m going for cute, adorable kitties here but in a nutshell-

So let’s say you accept bosonic quanta have a supersymmetry (as Inigo says, “There is too much.” Just replace it with “Grandpa Blaine’s Old Ram” and get a sufficient drunk on and soon you’ll be reminiscing about Miss Wagner’s glass eye that was yaller on one side and green as a bird’s egg on ‘tother which didn’t neither one match her blue good eye and used to scare the children so when it would spin around like a top and pop out because it didn’t fit, belonging to Miss Jefferson as it did who was a sport and didn’t mind lending it if Miss Wagner had visitors.)…

Where do you put the extra dimensions?

I’m not kidding. People get Doctorates for this, win prizes.

One answer is that they are really teeny tiny dimensions so if you look at them with “Normal” physics eyes (and enough Blotter) they kind of seem like a string with additional characteristics from those we usually are exposed to, like vibration and twisting.

Now of course I think it all a vast conspiracy by the Scientific Establishment to frighten us with silly fairy tales about the ‘Heat Death Of The Universe’ and ‘Global Warming’ to try and thwart God’s Favored (because they’re rich, duh. How do you think God displays his favor on Earth?) Capitalists from their divine mandate to husband and harvest the Lord’s bounty.

Strings? Mere Paleolithic playthings, bundles of fiber unworthy of recognition even as a “Simple Machine”, complex but unpurposeful.


The scope of Trump’s corruption is mind-boggling. New developments show how.
By Greg Sargent, Washington Post
November 5, 2019

At this point, the broad contours of the Ukraine scandal are well understood. President Trump appears to have used hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money appropriated as military aid to extort a vulnerable ally into helping him rig the 2020 election on his behalf.

But there are two other aspects of this scandal that need elaboration. The first is the degree to which this whole scheme is corrupting multiple government agencies and effectively placing them at the disposal of Trump’s reelection effort.

The second is that two of the scheme’s goals — getting Ukraine to validate a conspiracy theory absolving Russia of 2016 sabotage, and to manufacture smears of one of Trump’s leading 2020 rivals — are really part of the same story. At the core of this narrative is Trump’s continuing reliance on foreign help in corrupting our democracy to his advantage, through two presidential elections, and the covering up of all of it.

New developments provide an opening to pull together these bigger pieces.

The New York Times has a remarkable piece detailing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s role in this whole scheme. As the Times reports, when Pompeo was CIA director, he accepted the conclusion — reached by U.S. intelligence services and established in deeply granular detail by the special counsel — that Russia carried out sweeping electoral sabotage on Trump’s behalf.

Now Pompeo has changed his mind. He played a key role in ousting Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to the Ukraine, to clear the way for Trump and lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani to create a shadow foreign policy to pressure Ukraine to carry out Trump’s corrupt political bidding, including making Russia’s 2016 interference disappear.

Then there’s Attorney General William P. Barr. In an overlooked
interview, the national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee claimed that when Trump pressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to carry out the “investigations” Trump wanted, he wasn’t trying to help himself.

Instead, Trump was merely trying to get Zelensky to cooperate with the ongoing Justice Department review of the origins of the FBI investigation into Russian interference, the RNC spokesperson, Liz Harrington, said.

“He asked for help looking into the Justice Department’s legitimate investigation into the election meddling in 2016,” Harrington told MSNBC’s Ari Melber. “That’s what the favor was.”

This is a reference to the fact that as part of his review into the Russia probe’s origins, Barr may be working to validate the conspiracy theory holding that Ukraine hacked Democrats’ emails and set up Russia to get blamed for sabotaging the election.

In other words, Trump and top officials at the GOP’s main national political committee are using Barr’s review to confer legitimacy on Trump’s extortion of Zelensky for his own corrupt purposes.

All this comes at a time when new documents from the special counsel are underscoring just how eager Trumpworld was to profit from the Russian interference effort.

We still haven’t gotten our arms around the mind-boggling scale of corruption on display here. Multiple government agencies are actively helping Trump absolve Russia of sabotaging the last presidential election on his behalf — thus burying his own campaign’s eagerness to benefit from it — and helping him cover up his effort to solicit more foreign help in cheating his way to victory in the next one.