Nov 07 2019

A Good Night

Did I mention we had a Dem blowout in Stars Hollow? Being civilized we have minimum minority representation (ok, if you must know I’m philisophically against it because I consider it a barrier to Third Parties) and the Thugs are dead stop against the limit. TMC asked me what would have happened if I had run for School Board. I would have won, but I wouldn’t have been able to assume office (unless I beat another Democrat but I’d have given it up anyway as I don’t do politics for blood any more, merely for amusement).

Downstream it’s the Merch. It’s always the Merch.

Climbing Tips

At the Lincoln Memorial if you have a Handicapped sticker you can park quite close, like in the driveway. Now if you follow the main path you end up in front of a lot of daft stairs that are much more of a challenge than they look in photographs. If you follow the path that branches left you end up at the top of the second flight, just before the final ascent which is kind of genius but it’s better than that. At the base of the Monument between a couple of bushes is the door to an elevator that zips you right up to the top.

Yes I did it all from the reflecting pool to Lincoln’s lap no cheating, but I don’t have to do it again to prove anything.

Street level and waaay too bright