Nov 08 2019

Greetings Comerades!

We are so very pleased and excited your Unindicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio has decided to join us celebrating the great successes of the Soviet Working Classes Rapacious Oligarchs Benevolent Capitalist system under our virile and handsome leader, Vladimir Putin.

You see, May Day is not just a parade of potentially Potemkin propaganda but probably not Troops, Tanks, and honking great ICBMs down heavily reinforced military supply routes designed to support urban “kill zones” during rebellions and invasions, but a recognition of Workers all over the World for the productive labor that supports our Parasitical Police/Military/Industrial Complex lavish and luxurious lifestyle of Criminal Racketeers equitable economy which provides each citizen with his barest needs.

I personally have lobbied long and hard for United States recognition of May Day as a symbol of Worker Solidarity and Socialist/Anarchist Identity. Unlike what some people think I’m a pragmatist and I’ll make do the best I can with our inferior and deliberate substitute ‘Labor Day’ but I don’t stint recognition of my International Brothers and Sisters.

It IN FACT bothers me a good deal to have a great idea (hey, even better relations with Russia is not such a terrible idea, but that is not what is happening) debased this way however I’m not going to let better get in the way of ‘progress of a sort’ and if I am ever put on the spot to name one positive thing I suppose I might use this as not being as bad as most.

Stop looking at me that way. You’d think I was coming out in favor of Bloomberg.

Who’s the Communist here? (said by Trotsky to Stalin)