Nov 14 2019

Impeachment Day 1: First Responses

(just a note: The original title was “First Responders”. After today’s events at Santa Clarita I decided to change it.)

Some people may disagree but I contend that, at the moment, what is called “Late Night Talk”, with a few exceptions that remain firmly committed to a “no politics” approach, is the most important means of public communication the Left has.

Even a Network like MSNBC allows an appalling number of Conservative Conmen to spout their lies uncontested or make even more important policy mistakes in an effort to be “objective”. As Stockton says, the myth of Objective Journalism is why this country has been so corrupt for so long.

Late Night has the additional advantage of being popular and accessible. Oh sure the cable networks try to yuk it up in their transitions and some (Ari Melber, looking right at you) are transparently desperate in developing lighter “signature” pieces. You’re funny sometimes but it’s not at all the same.

The point being that I think examining these pieces is just as important as wading through all the both-siderist crap at Wapo or The Times.