Nov 17 2019

Like Sands Through The Hour Glass

Ok, huge DOOL fan and EXTREMELY upset by the reports of its indefinite hiatus, however for my fellows things are not as bleak as they might seem.

They’re on hiatus because they finished shooting really early this year, like months before renewal, so the contracts are not even up yet and Ted Corday, who still produces, has indicated his willingness to continue as have all of the principal players.

Not that you should keep your hands off the Twit button mind you.

Speaking of Social Media

I write, it’s a completely different thing.

Get Out

Basically I don’t get it. A Spritzer is the simplest, most easy to make drink ever. Target liquid (strong tasting, must dilute) and Soda, that’s it! I suppose they charge for water now, maybe it’s the convenience, but get off your damn ass! How hard is this?


Icelandic Ultrablue

Why I hate Jet Blue

Don’t get me wrong, I hate flying at all regardless of Airline.

The Game

Surprise! It’s about MicroEconomics (I am not an Economist, I’m a Historian. I find Economists mostly delusional and faith-based).

The DJ Thing

First of all I was the Librarian, not the Mixer. Second, we were not performers, we played music.

Journamilism 101

Which reminds me-