Nov 24 2019

Turkey for Me, Turkey for You

Don’t worry, I promise to spare you the rest.

Everything is Fine

I got Mom hosting Thanksgiving Energy

Thanksgiving with the In-Laws

As it turns out, Pocahontas dumped John Smith, was captured, forced to adpot Christianity, and taken as a Slave Bride to England where she died.

Funny, huh?

What a World! What a World.

Doesn’t anyone use Hunts’s

I can’t believe they put that piece of crap up and cut these for time.

But first a word from our sponsor

Awkward Vacations

Bye Bye Birdie

We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

High School Antics Continue

Who’s the dummy?

Yeah. Well. Will Ferrell.

Stay Tuned DuringOur Final Break

And now Weekend Update