Bag Me With A Spoon

Ok, so we now know what was going on at the Army/Navy Game, a stupid drinking prank the Corporatist Media is calling “The Circle Game” and Malcolm Nance (Jedi Master who’s been in the Navy and knows a thing or two) calls “Made You Look”.

Back in the dorm it was “Bagged” and when your beer got low you’d wave it around your crotch and if anyone looked they were “Bagged” and had to get up and get you a new one.

So, harmless fun except in retrospect it’s terribly homophobic and misogynous and I certainly wouldn’t engage in such reprehensible behavior today.

But that’s not my main point, as a Mason I know signs and examine my fingernails splayed. Don’t be flashin’ no blood in cripville. You’re always representin’. Chill.