No Sports?

I used to teach severely Learning Disabled kids to swim. Well, not drown in a puddle, you have to set realistic goals.

I did this 9 – 5 the entire School year and it really wasn’t so bad. We all got season passes to Greek Peak and 2 or 3 days a week we’d take off after work and do some night Skiing. During the times you could see the ground we’d play Pitch for money and I’m very good, winner buys the next deck though because pasteboard doesn’t react to a humid chlorine environment well.

It was considered a “hardship” post however and because my employers liked me they gave me a Summertime gig at The Olympic Pool. It was trick, roof that opened (never did, too expensive), 50 meter 8 lane, 10 meter and 3 meter board, movable bulkheads.

The bulkheads moved so you could set up a 25 yard pool, customary for non-Olympic U.S. competition, AND a Water Polo Court. That part was all over 8 feet so you couldn’t cheat and these people kick all the time.

They are buff and they wear two swimsuits because they have a tendency to get torn off in the scrum. My sister spent the summers with me and after she finished her shift at the Sandwich shop she’d stop by with a snack but it was really just an excuse to park herself in the stands and watch the team practice.

2019 NCAA Men’s Water Polo Championship: Stanford vs. Pacific

2019 NCAA Women’s Water Polo Championship: Stanford v. USC

I suppose this is as good a time as any to say I’ll not be covering Baseball Playoffs this year. Too complicated, not really Baseball (universal DH), and too much other stuff happening.