The Rant of the Week: Keith Olbermann – The Devil Goes Down To Georgia

The Squatter-in Chief went down to Georgia for a superspreader rally where he inadvertently admited that he lost the election. Keith Olbermann’s rant on the Squatter’s antics to overturn the election in Georgia earns him the Rant of the Week.

HOW TO CONCEDE IN GEORGIA WITHOUT REALLY TRYING: Trump certainly didn’t mean to, but the only coherent part of this latest rally that sounded like Will Ferrell’s impression of Harry Caray’s stream of consciousness from beyond the grave, was his explanation to voters in Valdosta, Georgia, that their votes will decide which party runs the Senate next year.

With the GOP leading 50-48, the only way this can be true is if the Democrats win both Senate seats in Georgia AND Kamala Harris is Vice-President and can serve as the tiebreaking 51st vote. In other words, for what Trump said to be true, Trump has to have already lost to Joe Biden.

I wonder if anybody explained it to him.

Trump also spent Saturday breaking Georgia’s election laws, raising two questions. Even if he gets away with a federal self-pardon, could he be prosecuted on the state level for all the election law violations he’s committed since the election? And why on earth would he be dumb enough to do this on twitter and on live television? (The answer is simple: he doesn’t understand what laws are; he thinks he’s the first to do this only because the others weren’t as smart as he is).