Jan 13 2021

Late Night Today

Sorry this is so late and blogging has been sparse, real life gets n the way. However, better late than never, this is the roundup of the late night show you can’t stay awake to watch.

As always we start with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert who has new app for banned twitter users.

This Is The New App For Suspended Twitter Users

This Is The New App For Suspended Twitter Users

Like many of us, Stephen is still pretty angry about the riot last week.

FBI: The MAGA Maniacs Who Tried To Overthrow The Government Are Going To Pay

While the president tries to shift blame for last week’s insurrection, the FBI and Justice Department are making it clear that the terrorists involved will face very serious federal charges. Meanwhile, lawmakers in Washington and around the country are bracing for a second wave of right-wing violence.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah wonders why the alt-right is so angry.

Why Is the Alt-Right So Angry?

What’s really getting some in the alt-right so riled up? Michael Kosta finds out.

Late Night with Seth Meyers takes a Closer Look at the Squatter’s sedition speech.

Trump Defends His Sedition Speech as Support for Impeachment Grows: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at House Democrats calling on Vice President Pence to remove President Trump through the 25th Amendment as they prepare to vote on a resolution to impeach Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel Live examines the Squatter’s trip to his wall and his demented speech.

Trump’s Bananas Border Speech, Looming Impeachment & Crazy Conspiracies

Eight days are left of Donald Trump’s presidency, the House will vote to impeach tomorrow, new details have been released about what went down at the White House on Wednesday during the attacks on the Capitol, one of the rioters (who was dressed like a Viking) isn’t happy with his accommodations in jail, Trump flew to Alamo, Texas to brag about his “wall” the same week his supporters showed that walls serve no purpose whatsoever, three Democrats in the house have tested positive for COVID after being holed up during the Capitol lockdown with maskless colleagues, and it turns out that QAnon is just a build-your-own-apocalypse.

Last up is The Late, Late Show with James Corden still in his garage shares his thoughts on the Squatter, his second impeachment, Rudy and the virus.

President Trump Will Always Be #1 – In Impeachments!

James Corden looks at the news of the day including Trump’s final visit to his beloved border wall, impeachment efforts in the House that would make Trump the only president impeached twice, news that Rudy Giuliani may be disbarred and California’s plan to turn Disneyland into a mass vaccination site.