Jan 28 2021


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Vaccinating America: Biden Cleans Up Trump’s Mess

It turns out that Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” had nothing to do with a vaccine roll-out and everything to do with how quickly Trump worked to destroy America! Now it’s up to the Biden administration to get millions of Americans vaccinated.

F*ck The Pandas: Ugly Animals Deserve Your Attention Too

Being an endangered animal isn’t a competition, but it becomes one when pandas get all the attention at the expense of other, more unfortunate-looking creatures. Sam highlights animals that are more important to our ecosystem than those zoo-royalty attention hogs.

Here’s Why Giuliani Needs To Be Disbarred

Perhaps no figure in the Trump administration has seen their reputation plummet in the last 4 years as much as Rudy Giuliani. But what he’s lost in respect, he’s made up for in actions that qualify for his disbarment. David Luban and NY Rep. Mondaire Jones explain.

Space Force’s Greatest Hits

Here’s a compilation of Space Force’s most earth-shattering, totally real missions.

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