California Remains Sane

I had little doubt that the Republican attempt to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom would fail. My faith in California voters prevailed tonight with a land slide rejection of the recall. The ballot had two choices: number one was to reject the recall; number two was a choice of 46 candidates to replace Gov. Newsom. The leader to replace the governor was Larry Elder, a black conservative talk radio host, author, politician, and attorney, who advocated reparations for slave holders, opposed CoVid-19 vaccinations, masking requirements, opposed abortion and accused women of exaggerating sexism, among other far right positions. Tonight the votes of California overwhelmingly rejected Elder, voting to keep Gov. Newsom by 33% margine, 66.8 – 33.2 with 64% of the vote counted. The second choice on the ballot, who should replace Gov. Newsom, is now irrelevant.