Six In The Morning Tuesday 26 September 2023


Nagorno-Karabakh: envoys from Azerbaijan, Armenia to meet in Brussels as thousands flee

Meeting will be first such encounter since Baku seized disputed enclave last week

Envoys from Baku and Yerevan were set to meet in Brussels for talks on Tuesday as thousands of refugees fled Nagorno-Karabakh after Azerbaijan’s lightning takeover of the majority ethnic Armenian enclave.

Last week, an offensive by Baku’s forces established Azerbaijani control over the breakaway region, forcing ethnic Armenian fighters to disarm.

Tuesday’s meeting in Brussels will be the first such encounter since the offensive but the leaders of both countries are scheduled to meet next month. Simon Mordue, the chief diplomatic adviser to European Council president Charles Michel, will chair the talks, Michel’s spokesperson said.

Asbestos: The silent killer in Turkey’s earthquake region

Officials deny it but a DW investigation has found that the rubble from Turkey’s devastating February earthquake contains life-threatening amounts of asbestos.

In Hatay, southern Turkey, crews are still demolishing buildings that were heavily damaged in the earthquake that struck on February 6, 2023, and killed tens of thousands of people. Yellow diggers move piles of leftover rubble, kicking up clouds of dust that shroud the city.

Some children walk through the debris to find a spot to play soccer. As they breathe, they’re potentially inhaling a silent killer: asbestos.

The toxic building material has contaminated plants, soil and rubble in the key agricultural region, pointing to a serious, unfolding public health crisis, according to an exclusive investigation by DW’s Turkish and Environment desks.

Australian PM confident Indigenous people back having their Parliament ‘Voice’

Australia’s prime minister said Tuesday he was confident that Indigenous Australians overwhelmingly support a proposal to create their own representative body to advise Parliament and have it enshrined in the constitution. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s remarks came as Tiwi Islanders cast their votes on making such a constitutional change.

South Korea hosts Japan, China as U.S. allies try to reassure Beijing

By Josh Smith and Hyonhee Shin

South Korea hosted senior diplomats from China and Japan for a rare trilateral meeting on Tuesday seen as aimed at assuaging Beijing’s concerns over the two U.S. allies’ tightening cooperation between themselves and Washington.

The meeting aims in part to set the stage for the resumption of three-way summits among the countries’ leaders, which were last held in 2019. Those talks were suspended amid legal, diplomatic and trade disputes between Seoul and Tokyo over issues dating to Japan’s 1910-1945 occupation of Korea.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida have since taken steps to mend ties and in August held a historic trilateral summit with U.S. President Joe Biden, where the three vowed to boost cooperation, including on defense and economic security.

France moves homeless people out of Paris as city prepares for next summer’s Olympics

It’s 6.30 a.m. on a late summer morning in Paris. Amid the rumbling coming from the Stalingrad Métro station, in the northeast of the French capital, hundreds of migrants, mostly men, sleep crammed under an overpass. Some rest on pieces of cardboard and old mattresses behind a urine-doused fence, others lie awake by the side of the street.


Word is spreading that government buses are about to come and collect them. Some wait eagerly, hoping they’ll finally be offered housing, most are confused and fearful, concerned they’ll be forced to leave Paris.

Viktor Sokolov: Russian video ‘shows Black Sea fleet commander alive’

Russia’s Defence Ministry has released a video showing the Black Sea Fleet’s commander at a conference, despite Ukraine claiming to have killed him.

It’s not clear when the footage, where Viktor Sokolov appears on a video link with the defence minister, was filmed.

The ministry said the meeting with senior officials happened on Tuesday.

Ukraine special forces said on Monday Adm Sokolov and 33 other officers died in a missile strike on the fleet’s HQ in Sevastopol, occupied Crimea.