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Jul 14 2011

My Little Town 20110713: Eunice Kingsbury

Those of you who read this regular series know that I am from Hackett, Arkansas, just a mile or so from the Oklahoma border, and just about 10 miles south of the Arkansas River.  It was a redneck sort of place, and just zoom onto my previous posts to understand a bit about it.

I rarely write about living people except with their express permission, but may make an exception or two here because it might be important to talk about some of my still living relatives to explain her better.

I hope that a I spelt Mrs. Kingbury’s name correctly.  It might be Kingsberry, but I am almost sure that the spelling that I used is the correct one.  I never saw it written.  I tried a web search for her, but the ones with leads wanted money and I was not willing to pay for them.  I shall just go from memory, but I would have liked to be able to give you a bit more information about her than my memory as a child.

Growing up in the south, it was proper to call older, non related females Ms (pronounced Mz), which I was amused that was the title of choice for the feminists.  We had used it for decades!