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Jun 11 2017

Formula One 2017: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

There’s really nothing at all the same about today’s race and Monaco’s joyless ‘follow the leader fest’ other than the tire choices (Ultra Soft, Super Soft, and Soft) and the fact that it’s a street track where the cars leave marks on the walls because there are no run off areas. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve takes …

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May 28 2017

Formula One 2017: Circuit de Monte Carlo

I actually hate this race more than any of the others. Sure it’s historic and not a piece of straight track to be found, lots of elevation change, pretty scenery. That said it’s so narrow that passing is practically impossible and finishes are usually decided by Qualifying and wrecks. The situation is not helped by …

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May 14 2017

Formula One 2017: Circuit de Catalunya

Happy Mother’s Day! Well they can’t claim to not know the track, Circuit de Catalunya is the official test track of Formula One and each team has spent at least 8 days testing here. Teams with money are rolling out chassis and aero adjustments but the big story is tires. Pirelli is going with Hard, …

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Apr 16 2017

Formula One 2017: Sakhir

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. I’m as guilty as anyone I suppose, I choose not to focus on Bahrain’s appalling human rights record every year because I get bored or tired and it was clear enough that Ecclestone was a bootlicking sychophant to tyrants, dictators, and plutocrats and would never, ever change …

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Apr 09 2017

Formula One 2017: Shanghai

I have read and watched a ton of commentary and I’m no closer to making sense of this season, so it’s track updates again. Fortunately the Mets are only 1 game back in the East. Of course this is after 5 games.

Mar 25 2017

Formula One 2017: Melbourne

What? March Madness not enough for you? I’m still here being as obnoxious as possible and part of that is Formula One. Truthfully there are just too many changes for me to report at the moment, with any luck at all I’ll have caught up before Le Tour though I’m not making any promises. As …

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Dec 03 2016

Formula One 2016: Uh, What?!!

Nico Rosberg announces shock F1 retirement after maiden world title by Paul Weaver, The Guardian Friday 2 December 2016 08.25 EST Nico Rosberg has stunned Formula One by announcing his retirement, just five days after the 31-year-old became the sport’s world champion. He said he had “climbed my mountain”. Now he is going out at …

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Nov 27 2016

Formula One 2016: Yas Marina

Ultra Softs, Super Softs, and Softs (sounds like I’m describing bathroom tissue, I know). Hamilton substantially ahead of Rosberg in Qualifying (his 11th of 21) and it won’t make a bit of difference unless Rosberg manages to finish worse than 3rd. Froth and bother about the Mercedes crew rotation policy (which happened to coincide with …

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Nov 13 2016

Formula One 2016: Interlagos

It’s very simple and it hasn’t changed at all since Suzuka (Spa really). Rosberg, with 9 victories, is on track to win the Driver’s Championship because of the reliability problems experienced by Hamilton at the beginning of the season. After Hamilton/Rosberg 1/2 at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Rosberg is leading the Championship by 19 points with …

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Oct 30 2016

Formula One 2016: Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez

If you care about such things (and there’s no reason you should really) there is a lot of hype about whether Hamilton can overtake Rosberg for the Driver’s Championship, but the answer is- not really. With 3 races left (today, Interlagos, and Yas Marina) and 26 points between them, Hamilton is not in a position …

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