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May 26 2013

Sunday May 26, 2013: Up with Steve Kornacki Tweets

Today’s show was about immigration reform, Oklahoma disaster relief, Apple tax shelters, Apple, Congress, tax law, and corporate taxes. #Uppers is now.

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May 25 2013

Saturday May 25, 2013: Up with Steve Kornacki Tweets

Man, I was pissed off this morning. more about that meaningless BS speech from the President that was just bluster because the word is getting out about the forced feedings in Gitmo. This speech seems to give all MSNBC hosts orgasms as if it's the DNC in 2008 again. It was a rather sickening display all week, until today. Michael Hastings called out everyone's BS and showed how like Bush/Cheney this speech was even with some of the more loftier meaningless rhetoric which will have 0 action. There was also a lot of fear mongering about how we need drones or we're all going to die. That made #Uppers better.

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