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Jun 17 2013

Sunday June 16, 2013: FINAL Up With Steve Kornacki Tweets

This is the final #Uppers. It's just not worth my time and Lord knows I tried. They had Rick Perlstein on and didn't go into what I prepared for, via his BS attacks and misrepresentations of Glenn Greenwald's articles on PRISM. It was immigration reform, gun control, and more election demographic crap. It's not policy.

It's all inside Congress baseball and isn't that cool? No it's not. Elections without serious reforms to the process, million dollar campaigns and primaries, reform of all our government on all levels from the filibuster to the SCOTUS. It's just not worth staying up. Steve Kornacki doesn't get it.

I may try to tweet All IN a few nights and post that, but I have had enough. I am not alone either, if you check the feed. I have tired to make it interesting, but I can't do it anymore. I need to go to bed earlier. Enjoy the final #Uppers.

Thank you for everyone who read this series. I wish Chris Hayes was still doing it. Maybe part of me is getting tired of politics and cable news, anyway.