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Apr 26 2015

Models of Distribution

It’s kind of a Tech Dirt thing.  I’ll let the film maker explain-

I posted #ALGORITHM on Youtube on December 7, 2014. Today, one month later, it has 41,156 views! I spent no money on advertising or promotion. This is all what the ad people call “Organic Traffic”. It’s people sharing what they love!  ALGORITHM’s 41k views may not seem like much compared to Gangnam Style or Taylor Swift or even Convos with a 2 Yr Old. Those went viral. Instead look at ALGORITHM’s numbers compared the #IndieFilm world. 41k views/month is the same as 164 completely sold out movie theater showings. Put another way, that’s 5 sold-out screenings every single day! I’ve never heard of any movie sustaining those kinds of numbers. Here’s the really wild part: ALGORITHM’s views/day are increasing. It’s rising faster every week. That’s the opposite of traditional movie distribution, which emphasizes the release weekend above all else. That model is built on buzz and hype and is a flash-in-the-pan. By giving #ALGORITHM away for free, I’m exploring a different way movies can be distributed. And you’re helping me, when you watch and share #ALGORITHM you’re changing the world. It’s a small step, but that’s how revolutions often start. www.thehackermovie.com

Mar 15 2015

Sunday Night Movie

Engineering In Action!

I’m talking about the brassiere of course which was developed by Howard Hughes’ aeronautic department to be ‘dynamic’.  In Public Domain, no respect for the crazy Billionaire who used empty Kleenex boxes instead of slippers (hey, you gotta do something with them!).

Mar 08 2015

Sunday Night Movie

Mar 01 2015

Sunday Night Silent

Be vewwy quiet.

Though I don’t know why, because it was considered a failure the copyright wasn’t renewed and it’s in the public domain.

Feb 23 2015

Sunday Night Movie

Feb 09 2015

Sunday Night Movie

Nov 30 2014

Sunday Night Movie