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Jun 25 2020

Dailyish Last Nightly (Murder Ropes)

Stewart: New Deal & GI Bill Explicitly Excluded Blacks Hot Take: War against K-Pop stans & TikTok teens Jesus wants nothing to do with Mike Pence AZ Covid Spikes, Trump Speaks To Packed Crowd Of Maskless Students Jackson shuts down Weaver’s white savior complex Trump Amps Up the Racism Because He’s Failed at Everything Trump …

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Jun 16 2020

Dailyish Last Nightly (Law & Order Criminal Intent)

Bone Spurs Act Up At West Point “Prove We’re Not in Hell” on Inside the Hill 2020 West Point Ramp Stakes Can’t Spin Juneteenth, Tulsa Pushed Back LGBTQ Rights, Police Reform, Hamburger Leg Trump Struggles at West Point 9-1-1 for White Emergencies Why Did Rayshard Brooks Have to Lose Life? Court Outlaws LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination …

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Jun 12 2020

Dailyish Last Nightly (laughingstock market)

MAGA Rally On Juneteenth In Tulsa, OK Ghosts of Confederate soldiers Charlamagne Tha God left a trap for Joe Biden Tooning Out The News | Trailer Trump Travels to Dallas for $10 Mill Amber Ruffin Shares Experiences w Police Invade Us, Canada | The Daily Show Coronavirus Is on the Upswing

Jun 11 2020

Dailyish Last Nightly (American Tradition)

Georgia Voter Suppression, Trump Sues CNN Donald Trump Jr. vs. Hunter Biden Special Message from Antifa Can You Get Past Georgia’s Voter Suppression Boss? A Closer Look: Defund the Polls Stephen Miller to Write Speech About Race America’s Tradition of Brutality Time to Defund | Full Frontal on TBS Georgia’s Disastrous Primary Fox News Suddenly …

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Jun 10 2020

Dailyish Last Nightly (Conspiracy!)

Should America invade itself? Trump Attacks Buffalo Man Trouble recruiting new Meghan McCain Rep. Meeks: 4 Softballs, 1 Heater Jon Batiste: March For Justice Beware The Elderly Antifa! Buffalo Protestor Pushed by Antifa Kind of Stories We Need Now Cops Attack Peaceful Protests America: Police Brutality & Systemic Racism Doubling Down & Kente Cloth What …

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Jun 04 2020

Dailyish Last Nightly (Not Funny)

Ek’s right. Late night isn’t really funny anymore. Hasn’t been for too long. But the ridicule and social satire is an important part of history. It shines a light on hypocrisy and makes people uncomfortable, or at least it should. I’ve always looked at blogging as a way of documenting the times we live in, …

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Jun 02 2020

Dailyish Last Nightly (New & Improved)

Now with double the columns, in half the space! Thanks for the tips EK. Instead, We Have Donald Trump Trump has RoboCop thinking about a career change James Smartwood’s White Guy Womb Killer Mike: Learn From Jane Elliot Experience The Upheaval Of The 1960’s All Over Again Trump’s Response to Floyd Protest: A Closer Look …

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May 06 2020

Daily (Last) Nightly

  Ending the Ban on Gay Blood Donors | The Daily Social Distancing Show   Tucker Carlson vs. Tucker Carlson: Protest Edition | The Daily Show   Quarantine Questions: Is Whipped Cream Essential? | Full Frontal on TBS   The Things We Should Have Been Doing All Along! Brought to You By Coronavirus | Full …

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Apr 27 2020

A Daily-ish Nightly

  Dr. Anthony Fauci Cold Open – SNL   Weekend Update Home Edition: Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectant – SNL   Message from Gov. Whitmer – SNL   Don Trump The Science-ish Guy: Disinfectant Injections | The Daily Social Distancing Show   The Daily Show Foxsplains Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show   Sam’s Nature …

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Apr 17 2020

Daily (Last) Nightly

   Human Sacrifice: A Fox News Special – The Daily Social Distancing Show   Hey, How’s Lewis Black Doing? – The Daily Social Distancing Show   Steve Martin Has A Song In His Heart, But Stephen Colbert Just Doesn’t Have The Time   Former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe on the art of begging donors over …

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