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Feb 17 2018

The XXIII Winter Olympics: Day 9

Hooray Beer! Just as we have a Tongan competing in Cross Country (he didn’t finish last, he finished third from last which means there are at least 2 skiers from traditional Winter Olympic countries that are worse than he is) we have, periodically, sightings of the Jamaican Bobsled Team. This year’s edition is 2 Women, …

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Feb 16 2018

The XXIII Winter Olympics: Day 8

Ok, so I’m kind of cranky because I spent all day hassling my ISP (yeah, day two of that) because my Modem/Wireless Router suddenly lost all my networking information like its name and all the passwords and it’s kind of a big deal since I have about 10 or 15 devices that log in at …

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Feb 15 2018

The XXIII Winter Olympics: Day 7

The Bachelor Winter Games Anthem Ok, that is exactly as bad as Coleman Bentley of Golf Digest says it is (The only thing worse than The Bachelor Winter Games’ anthem is…nothing, nothing is worse). I have been to Vermont. If you want to fly out, commercial, you have no choice but Burlington International Airport (they …

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Feb 12 2018

The XXIII Winter Olympics: Day 5

Let me explain what I mean by chromosome damaged. You see, us guys have an X and a Y, gals have two Xs. Now that Y, that’s just an X with the bottom leg broken off. Gals are tougher and smarter than we are. I don’t say this to impress the ladies, at 120+ I’d …

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Feb 11 2018

The XXIII Winter Olympics: Day 4

So, Football on steroids. I’ve spent a fair amount of time watching Hockey, many, many Rangers games when they were very, very bad. I even know what the Blue Lines are for, no I won’t bore you at this point- maybe later. I’ll tell you instead what the problem with Pro Hockey is- too many …

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Feb 10 2018

The XXIII Winter Olympics: Day 3

Ok, I decided to skip a day in the numbering because the upcoming events looks a day forward to tomorrow. Becca and Matt Hamilton were drawing dead today. Last night’s loss to China didn’t quite make a trip to the semi-finals impossible, but the first victory by anyone else today sure did. As I write …

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Feb 09 2018

The XXIII Winter Olympics: Opening Ceremony

So you want to see it from the beginning? Too bad, Mixed Doubles Curling (what a great sport!) has been going on for 2 days now and Team USA (the highly likeable and very talented Brother/Sister Pair of Becca and Matt Hamilton) are already behind 1 – 3 in the Round Robin having crushed the …

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