Feb 28 2011

Live Blog: The Oscars

“And the winner is”. With those words there will be at least 5 people holding their collective breath, while a finely coiffed and swathed celebrity tears open a sealed envelop with the closely guarded secret. Welcome to the Live Blog of the 83rd Academy Awards from fabulous downtown Hollywood or, in my case, on the couch in the family room with my lap top, a pitcher of martinis and Parmesan popcorn, Oh, and lots of napkins.

I used to chuckle at the introduction of the tuxedoed men carrying the brief case with those envelops and the silly ritual of reading of the “Rules” on how the votes were cast and who voted on what. Do they even do that any more?

The first Oscars were presented on May 19. 1929 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood at a private brunch for 270 people. My how far they have come. Now it is the “hottest” ticket in town and the parties after for winners and losers are elaborate affairs that would keep food pantries in business for a year. I shouldn’t be too critical many of the industry’s actors, directors and producers do wonderful humanitarian work for causes that would be easily forgotten.

So have you all placed your bets on the winner? if you haven’t you’re out of the loop, since the Oscars are the most gambled on non-sporting event in the US. Even Nate Silver has gotten in on the action with four tips to win your Oscar pool but the kicker this year that even Nate admits are throwing off the odds is that there are now 10 films in the Best Picture Category. Yes, dear hearts, 10, in case you hadn’t noticed. In 2009, the Academy decided to return to its roots. When the award for Best Picture was presented in 1934 and 1935 there were 12 nominees, and from 1935 to 1943 there were 10. So adjust your pools accordingly, there are more “fish in the pond”

Here’s some more answers to those questions about the award you never thought to ask:

  • Oldest best actor winner: Henry Fonda, 76, “On Golden Pond,” 1981
  • Youngest best actor winner: Adrien Brody, 29, “The Pianist,” 2002
  • Oldest best actress winner: Jessica Tandy, 81, “Driving Miss Daisy”
  • Youngest best actress winner: Marlee Matlin, 21, “Children of a Lesser God,” 1986
  • Oldest best supporting actor winner: George Burns, 80, “The Sunshine Boys,” 1975
  • Youngest best supporting actor winner: Timothy Hutton, 20, “Ordinary People,” 1980.
  • Oldest best supporting actress winner: Peggy Ashcroft, 77, “A Passage to India,” 1984
  • Youngest best supporting actress winner: Tatum O’Neal, 10, “Paper Moon,” 1973.
  • Biggest Oscar winners: “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” 2003, 11 awards (out of 11 nominations); “Ben-Hur,” 1959, 11 awards (out of 12 nominations); “Titanic,” 1997, 11 awards (out of 14 nominations).
  • Biggest Oscar losers: “The Turning Point,” 1977, 11 nominations, 0 awards; “The Color Purple,” 1985, 11 nominations, 0 awards; “Johnny Belinda,” 1948, 12 nominations, 1 award; “Becket,” 12 nominations, 1 award.
  • The youngest person to ever receive an Oscar: Shirley Temple, 5, in 1934 but it was “honorary”.
  • The oldest person to ever receive an Oscar: Jessica Tandy, 81, in 1989 for “Driving Miss Daisy”
  • The most Oscars for “Best Actress: Katherine Hepburn with four (1932, 1967, 1968 & 1981)
  • The most Oscars for “Best Actor”: This category is shared by seven men, Spencer Tracy, Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Fredric March, Dustin Hoffman and Tom Hanks, whio each have two.
  • The actor with the most total Oscar nominations: Jack Nicholson with 12. Jack has three Oscars, 2 for “Best Actor” and one for “Best Supporting Actor”.
  • The actoress with the most total Oscar nominations: Meryl Streep with 16 nominations.
  • The person with the most Oscars: Walt Disney, who walked away with 26 Academy Awards over his lifetime. He had 64 total Oscar nominations.
  • The longest acceptance speech ever given at an Oscar ceremony: Greer Garson in 1942 for “Best Actress” in “Mrs. Miniver”. Most sources agree it was between 5 i/2 to 7 minutes.
  • The Oscar statuette weighs 6 3/4 pounds, and stands 13 1/2 inches high.
  • It was named by Margaret Herrick, the Academy librarian, who remarked in 1931, upon seeing the statuettes, “Why it looks like my Uncle Oscar!” Her uncle’s full name, by the way, was Oscar Pierce. No, it wasn’t Bette Davis.
  • Bored? You haven’t seen the production or heard the speeches yet.

    I will be your fashion and performance critic as we watch the parade down the red carpet and the main event. I can’t wait to see what get up Helena Bonham Carter wears. BTW, I always cry at the memorial tribute. Below the fold is the list and links for all the nominees. Bring on the show.

    Cast your votes

    Best Picture:

       * Black Swan

       * The Fighter

       * Inception

       * The Kids Are All Right

       * The King’s Speech

       * 127 Hours

       * The Social Network

       * Toy Story 3

       * True Grit

       * Winter’s Bone


       * Darren Aronofsky Black Swan

       * Joel Coen and Ethan Coen True Grit

       * David Fincher The Social Network

       * Tom Hooper The King’s Speech

       * David O. Russell The Fighter

    Actor in a Leading Role

       * Javier Bardem Biutiful

       * Jeff Bridges True Grit

       * Jesse Eisenberg The Social Network

       * Colin Firth The King’s Speech

       * James Franco 127 Hours

    Actress in a Leading Role

       * Annette Bening The Kids Are All Right

       * Nicole Kidman Rabbit Hole

       * Jennifer Lawrence Winter’s Bone

       * Natalie Portman Black Swan

       * Michelle Williams Blue Valentine

    Actor in a Supporting Role

       * Christian Bale The Fighter

       * John Hawkes Winter’s Bone

       * Jeremy Renner The Town

       * Mark Ruffalo The Kids Are All Right

       * Geoffrey Rush The King’s Speech

    Actress in a Supporting Role

       * Amy Adams The Fighter

       * Helena Bonham Carter The King’s Speech

       * Melissa Leo The Fighter

       * Hailee Steinfeld True Grit

       * Jacki Weaver Animal Kingdom

    Original Screenplay

       * Another Year Mike Leigh

       * Inception Christopher Nolan

       * The Fighter Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson

       * The Kids Are All Right Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg

       * The King’s Speech David Seidler

    Adapted Screenplay

       * 127 Hours Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy

       * The Social Network Aaron Sorkin

       * Toy Story 3 Michael Arndt

       * True Grit Joel Coen and Ethan Coen

       * Winter’s Bone Debra Granik and Anne Rosellini

    Foreign Language Film

       * Biutiful Mexico

       * Dogtooth Greece

       * In a Better World Denmark

       * Incendies Canada

       * Outside the Law Algeria

    Animated Feature

       * How to Train Your Dragon

       * The Illusionist

       * Toy Story 3

    Original Score

       * 127 Hours

       * How to Train Your Dragon

       * Inception

       * The King’s Speech

       * The Social Network

    Original Song

       * Coming Home Country Strong

       * I See the Light Tangled

       * If I Rise 127 Hours

       * We Belong Together Toy Story 3

    Art Direction

       * Alice in Wonderland

       * Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

       * Inception

       * The King’s Speech

       * True Grit


       * Black Swan

       * Inception

       * The King’s Speech

       * The Social Network

       * True Grit

    Costume Design

       * Alice in Wonderland

       * I Am Love

       * The King’s Speech

       * The Tempest

       * True Grit


       * Barney’s Version

       * The Way Back

       * The Wolfman

    Documentary Feature

       * Exit Through the Gift Shop

       * Gasland

       * Inside Job

       * Restrepo

       * Waste Land

    Sound Mixing

       * Inception

       * Salt

       * The King’s Speech

       * The Social Network

       * True Grit

    Sound Editing

       * Inception

       * Toy Story 3

       * Tron: Legacy

       * True Grit

       * Unstoppable

    Visual Effects

       * Alice in Wonderland

       * Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

       * Hereafter

       * Inception

       * Iron Man 2

    Film Editing

       * 127 Hours

       * Black Swan

       * The Fighter

       * The King’s Speech

       * The Social Network

    Short Film, Animated

       * Day & Night Teddy Newton

       * Let’s Pollute Geefwee Boedoe

       * Madagascar, a Journey Diary Bastien Dubois

       * The Gruffalo Jakob Schuh and Max Lang

       * The Lost Thing Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann

    Short Film, Live Action

       * God of Love Luke Matheny

       * Na Wewe Ivan Goldschmidt

       * The Confession Tanel Toom

       * The Crush Michael Creagh

       * Wish 143 Ian Barnes and Samantha Waite

    Documentary Short Subject

       * Killing in the Name

       * Poster Girl

       * Strangers No More

       * Sun Come Up

       * The Warriors of Qiugang


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    1. TMC

      and winning your pool

    2. TMC

      very pretty in pink. Only 14 years old she is this years youngest nominee

    3. TMC

      she is the yopungest host of the Oscars

    4. TMC

      In sparkling silver sheath

    5. TMC

      from the invite diary with a mango salad and ginger dressing and sipping a chilled chenin blanc

    6. TMC

      Lacy inserts with nude peek a boo and nicely draped with just enough cleavage.  

    7. TMC
    8. TMC

      In sequined blue sapphire sleeveless sheath with square shoulder with a diamond and jade necklace by Cartier. Nice silhouette  

    9. TMC

      One of my favorite pirates, in a classic black tux. He ditched the fedora and showing his bald pate

    10. TMC

       to make popcorn

    11. ek hornbeck

      has already annointed The King’s Speech.

    12. TMC

      Social Network needs to get his hands out of his pockets

    13. TMC

      The nice thing about this is that many of the ladies opt to wear vintage designer dresses. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a great gallery as does the Smithsonian

    14. TMC

      Winter’s Bone in a red sheath, nice simple

    15. TMC

      looking look like he just got out of bed

    16. TMC

      The Fighter lovely cap sleeved gown flecked with gold lame

    17. TMC

      These kids are great

    18. TMC

      in lilac Givenchy one of my favorite designers

    19. TMC

      of the nominees

    20. TMC

      The Kids are All Right in classic tux. Wife wearing a one shoulder long sleeve black sheath

    21. TMC

      It should look that good in the restaurant

    22. TMC

      her hair dresser but the dress wa lovely. I’m seeing lots of lace tonight and simple stright lines in the dresses

    23. TMC

      His wife is stunning in a simple black strapless gown

    24. TMC

      in beeded charcoal cap sleeved v-neck gown WOW

    25. TMC

      and a close up of the gorgeous red stapless gown

    26. TMC

      and there were the guys with the brief cases containing the envelopes. LOL

    27. TMC

      also in classic tux. The guys are looking good

    28. TMC

      in matching bow ties

    29. TMC

      I can’t wait to see what she wears

    30. TMC

      no red carpet fashion disasters  

    31. TMC

      with his wife Susan wearing jewelry designed by Angelina Jolie and a black cap sleeve sheath with see through black insets

    32. ek hornbeck

      But then so am I.

    33. TMC

      There was one lady with feathers swirling around the hem of her dress

    34. TMC

      In purple chiffon, cap sleeve, slightly off shoulder  empire maternity gown with matching dangling earings

    35. TMC

      also wearing classic tux. He’s in school, cool but seems a little nervous

    36. TMC

      Lady in red, strapless

    37. TMC

      my best gray sweat pants, a purple tee shirt, my blue suede rhinestone studded pumps and princess cut diamond stud earrings

    38. TMC

      Just a beautiful dress

    39. TMC

      wearing a gold lame sheath and looking very svelte

    40. TMC

      with a full beard that needs trimming, badly

    41. TMC

      vintage strapless gown

    42. TMC

      showing off her slender figure in a tangerine satin. strapless gown.  

    43. TMC

      but still a hunk

    44. TMC

      in a lovely pale pink, feathery chiffon, strapless. Gorgeous  

    45. TMC

      just because of the Joplin song

    46. ek hornbeck

      None of these movies looks like anything I would want to watch.

    47. TMC
    48. TMC
    49. ek hornbeck
    50. TMC

      but this one is pretty too

    51. TMC
    52. ek hornbeck

      And a great year for lesbians.

      I wouldn’t know.

    53. ek hornbeck

      is entirely racist and sexist.

    54. ek hornbeck

      Most overrated movie ever.

    55. ek hornbeck

      The movie sucked, but it was really pretty.

    56. TMC

      Alice in Wonerland

    57. ek hornbeck

      for Art Direction.

    58. ek hornbeck
    59. ek hornbeck


      They don’t spend much time on these craft awards.

    60. ek hornbeck

      Fantastic Union Crew!

    61. Situational Lefty

      nominated in the supporting Actress category?  She was the lead character in that movie.  

      I never understand how they decide these things.

    62. ek hornbeck
    63. ek hornbeck

      so Maggie Ross is just written badly.

      I’ll try to be more charitable in the future.

    64. TMC

      for The Fighter

    65. TMC

      and looking very pretty

    66. ek hornbeck

      The Fighter.  Melissa Leo.

    67. TMC
    68. ek hornbeck

      Someone should tell her that’s stupid and painful.

    69. TMC

      is having a Suoer Bowl moment with Mila’s dress

    70. ek hornbeck

      Another stupid production number.

    71. ek hornbeck

      The Lost Thing.

    72. ek hornbeck
    73. TMC

      Toy Story 3

      I knew that

    74. ek hornbeck

      Toy Story 3.

      Which kind of puts it out of best picture contention.

    75. TMC
    76. ek hornbeck

      True Grit ain’t gonna win here.

      Why was it even nominated?

    77. ek hornbeck

      The Social Network.

      Facebook Sux.

    78. TMC

      Social Network, Aaron Sorkin. Honored Paddy Chayefsky.  

    79. ek hornbeck
    80. ek hornbeck

      The King’s Speech.

    81. TMC

      for commercials. I needed a refill

    82. TMC

      with a parody song

      1. TMC

        It is very hard to predict with 10 nominees

    83. TMC
    84. ek hornbeck

      Don’t look for them to give this much time.

    85. ek hornbeck

      In a better world.

    86. TMC

      was great as June Carter Cah

    87. ek hornbeck
    88. TMC
    89. ek hornbeck

      Best Supporting Actor.

      1. TMC

      2. TMC

        They have their vocal range, Soprano, Alto… LOL

    90. ek hornbeck

      That lying JP Morgan ad again.

      Fuck you, you thieves.

    91. TMC
    92. TMC

      I think she has a crush on Hugh. 😉

    93. ek hornbeck

      that 9 year renewal thing

      Who cares you greed heads?

    94. TMC

      Great memorable original film scores. They don’t write them like that anymore

      1. ek hornbeck

        Rock Lobster Tail.

    95. ek hornbeck
    96. TMC

      a new low but none of the scores were very good

    97. TMC


    98. ek hornbeck

    99. TMC
      1. TMC

        I have one of those

    100. TMC
    101. TMC
    102. ek hornbeck

      they call them Nerd Awards on stage.

      Thanks for the respect assholes.

    103. ek hornbeck
    104. TMC

      yes, Kate that is gross. LOL

    105. ek hornbeck

      Alice in Wonderland.

    106. TMC

      Helena looked comfortable in those outfits

    107. davidseth

      nominated for anything.  Sucks to be me.

      1. TMC

        he modeled underwear? Whoooohooo

    108. ek hornbeck
    109. TMC

      1. ek hornbeck

        and a T-shirt.

    110. ek hornbeck

      Drove in through the morning fog.

      Hey there Rover, come on over…

      Well its nice to have a little music while we eat.

      Red headed lady, Reaching for an apple.

      Gonna take a bite, nope, nope.

      She gonna breathe on it first,wipe it on her blouse.

      She takes a bite.

      Chews it once,twice,three times, four times, stops!

      Saliva workin’, takes a hard long look at Randy…

      Fat old husband walking over.

      Let’s get the hell out of here

      Yeah, There walking down the road

      Left foot,Right foot

      Left foot,Right foot

    111. ek hornbeck
    112. ek hornbeck

      Strangers no more.

    113. ek hornbeck

      God of Love.

    114. TMC

      Yes h should have gotten a hair cut but congrats. Lots of support in the audience. Yeh NYU, my alma mater

    115. TMC
    116. ek hornbeck

      who I am less and less impressed with.

      1. TMC
    117. ek hornbeck

      Banksey was banned.

      I’m appearing in disguise in sympathy.

    118. TMC

      Exposing the bank heist of the American economy

      1. ek hornbeck

        As you can see.


    119. ek hornbeck

      And a good speech.

      1. ek hornbeck
    120. TMC
    121. ek hornbeck

      Let’s hear more about the banksters!

    122. TMC

      self deprecation  

      1. TMC
    123. ek hornbeck

      for something.

      Harry Potter got aced out and it’s the only film I’ve seen this year.

    124. ek hornbeck
    125. TMC
    126. TMC

      and the color of that dress is out standing Tangerine

    127. TMC

      She rocked a the Grammy’s with Celo

    128. TMC

      I never heard any of these songs until tonight, But hey its Pixar and Randy

    129. ek hornbeck

      Short people have no reason to live.

      For something.

      1. TMC

        visually was very good but it was Tim burton

    130. TMC

      Halle does a tribute to Lena Horne who passed away at 92 last year and the others who have gone to the other side of the veil

    131. ek hornbeck

      Fuck you!

    132. ek hornbeck
      1. TMC

        union pins

    133. TMC

      Anne has made great choices tonight. The Devil made her do it

      1. ek hornbeck

        Glad you asked.

      2. TMC

        There was no other woman in the film  

    134. ek hornbeck
    135. TMC

      Here come the big awards

      1. Situational Lefty

        actually had more screen time in Fargo than Frances McDormand, yet he was nominated in the supporting category and she won Best Actress (which she totally deserved).

    136. ek hornbeck
    137. TMC
    138. ek hornbeck
    139. TMC

      but he looks good in a tux.

    140. ek hornbeck
    141. TMC

      not a surprise

    142. BobbyK

      Working on my resume. Had a serious hard drive crash a few weeks back and lost at least 6 months of updates.


    143. TMC

      for being so graceful

    144. TMC

      give someone else a chance

      1. TMC

        they don’t discriminate

    145. ek hornbeck
    146. ek hornbeck

      Ugh again.

    147. TMC
    148. ek hornbeck

      Or was it just me?

    149. BobbyK

      cable blinked out and he sounded like one of the chipmunks for a second or two.

    150. TMC

      and bodily function humor?

    151. TMC

      just classy lovely choices

    152. ek hornbeck
      1. TMC

        for face book. I like my privacy at least what I have left of it

    153. ek hornbeck

      Only running 10 minutes late.

      1. TMC
    154. ek hornbeck

      Though the sound track makes it seem a done deal.

    155. ek hornbeck

      The King’s Speech

      1. ek hornbeck

        the graphic shifted from hand written to type to printed.


    156. TMC

      better than Facebook

    157. BobbyK

      a sound track for one picture paired with video from all the other nominated pictures.

    158. TMC

      Their teacher is a really great guy. Met him

    159. ek hornbeck

      who says Soapblox can’t host 200+ comment threads?

    160. TMC
    161. TMC

      I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I now have a million e-mails to answer, half from my other half and two diaries to write

    162. Situational Lefty

      That’s one big zero for True Grit.  That’s the only movie I’ve actually seen.  

      I’m really excited to see Inside Job.  That was the best speech of the night and made it all worthwhile.

      Thanks for hosting and for allowing to pop in here and there.


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