Oct 02 2013

2013 Senior League Wild Card Sudden Death: Reds @ Pirates

Argh Mateys.  This be Cap’n Hank Bloodbeard and for the first time in a long, long time the Pirates be ready to pillage and plunder the Senior Circuit.  If’n it helps ye hate on the scurvy Reds remember they be the team o’ Pete Rose, a cut throat player who turned out to be so corrupt a Cap’n he’d bet agin’ his own side.

No Hall for you.  Ever.

The Reds be takin’ the field first behind Johnny Cueto (5 – 2, 2.82 ERA R).  He be better than he look, 8 – 2 at PNC Park, 7 – 2 with a 1.43 ERA in his last 12 starts agin’ the Pirates.

They be puttin’ up Francisco Liriano (16 – 8, 3.02 ERA L) who be vulnerable.  Liriano went 0-3 in four starts against the Reds this season though lack of run support be a significant factor.  But this be his home field, 8 – 1 with a 1.47 ERA in 11 starts at PNC Park. And the Pirates keelhauled Cincinnati on the final weekend of the season.

The Pirates be in the playoffs for the first time in 21 years.  They have 20 straight losing seasons, longest among the four major professional sports.  The Pirates went 50-31 at PNC Park this season 5 – 4 against the Reds.

The Reds be in the playoffs it for the third time in four years and are 13 – 7 against the Pirates in the postseason.  They also took two of three at PNC Park in their last series there Sept. 20 – 22.

And ye think this not be a grudge match between ’em they plunked 28 batsmen this season.

The format o’ the game be rightly called… Sudden Death.


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  7. TMC
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  20. TMC

    Liriano pitching for the Pirates

  21. TMC

    Cozart grounded out, shortstop Barmes to first baseman Morneau.

  22. TMC

    Hanigan grounded out, third baseman P.Alvarez to first baseman Morneau.

  23. TMC

     Cueto grounded out to first baseman Morneau unassisted.

  24. TMC

    Cueto pitching for the Reds

  25. TMC
  26. TMC
  27. TMC

    McCutchen to 3rd

  28. TMC

    Alvarez hit a sacrifice fly to center fielder Choo, McCutchen scored. Byrd still on 1st

  29. TMC
  30. TMC

     Barmes grounded into fielder’s choice to second baseman B.Phillips unassisted, Barmes to first, R.Martin out.

  31. TMC

    Liriano pitching for the Pirates

  32. TMC
  33. TMC

    Choo to second.

  34. TMC
  35. TMC
  36. TMC

    . Bruce singled to left, Choo scored, Ludwick to second.

  37. TMC

     Frazier struck out, catcher R.Martin to first baseman Morneau.

  38. TMC

    Cueto pitching for the Reds

  39. TMC
  40. TMC

     Liriano grounded out to first baseman  

  41. TMC
  42. TMC

     Sean Marshall in for Cueto

  43. TMC

    Walker doubles. Marte scores

  44. TMC
  45. ek hornbeck
  46. ek hornbeck
  47. TMC
  48. TMC

    Hoover in for Marshal

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  51. TMC
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  53. TMC
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  77. TMC
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  80. TMC
  81. TMC
  82. TMC
  83. TMC

    Votto grounded out to first baseman Morneau unassisted, Ludwick to third.

  84. TMC

    Phillips grounded to 1st

  85. TMC
  86. TMC
  87. TMC

    McCutchen flied out to center fielder Choo.

    Morneau grounded into a double play, third baseman Frazier to shortstop Cozart to first baseman Votto, N.Walker out.

  88. TMC

    This should be it.

  89. TMC
  90. TMC
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