The Stars Hollow Gazette: FAQ

Rules, we all hate them and we would prefer not to have any and just let people post and chat but, sadly, the world of internet blogs is like the real world and we need rules or, if you will, guidelines.

We want people to feel comfortable writing and discussing a myriad of topics and ideas without being personally attacked or character maligned. We encourage lively debate but we should strive to be on topic and point. Be creative, be funny, be sad, write fiction, poetry whatever moves your spirit.

We are a left of the left wing site that has no affiliation with any political party or organization. We welcome discussion of what you think is right and/or wrong with this country or for that matter the world. We welcome all points of view.

There is only one topic here that for now is not allowed. Discussion of the Israel/Palestine situation is off limits for very good reasons

Discussions of I/P almost always instantly degenerate into knee jerk apologies for unconscionable actions on the one hand and anti semitic hate speech on the other.

We reserve the right to review, edit, move, or delete any content submitted by users, in our sole discretion, without notice, including but not limited to the following reasons:

  • Do not post obscene, indecent, hateful, offensive, defamatory, abusive, harassing or profane material. Racist, antisemitic, sexist postings will not be tolerated.

    Foul language is not banned here, we are all adults.

  • Do not post junk mail, pyramid schemes, chain letters or advertisements.
  • Do not engage in personal attacks or stalking. Do not bring arguments from other blog sites here.
  • Vulgar and insulting nicknames will be removed. Nicknames attempting to impersonate other users will be removed.
  • Do not post anyone’s telephone number, street address. or any other personal information. Outing will get you banned immediately.
  • Do not post an e-mail address belonging to another person.
  • Do not post information that encourages criminal activity of any kind, or any statements that may give rise to civil liability.
  • If you post a link to another site, please provide a brief explanation of where the link goes as a courtesy to other users (provided the site is not obviously identified by mouse over URL- ek).
  • Do not attempt to impersonate other users, site administration or any other person.
  • Do not post the same message in multiple locations on the site. Spamming is a no-no.
  • Lively debate and opposing opinions are welcome, but please behave courteously and responsibly.
  • Keep your messages on topic for the particular discussion you are involved in.
  • Do not use multiple account nicknames in one discussion. Do not answer your own posts using another nickname. We will ban your sockpuppets and zombies if you are banned and return with a different UID.
  • These rules are subject to change without warning.

Violations will result in a public warning to stop a specific behavior.

You will be given an opportunity to apologize and/or explain your violation either publicly or by e-mail.

Past warnings will be taken into consideration.

Additional Standards and Practices (addendum by ek hornbeck)


Authors are entitled to control over their own work.

For my part I assert the full protection of my copyrights which are not diminished because I choose to publish pseudonymously.

That does not mean you can’t quote me, or reprint my work with permission.

As for quoting me, there are ‘Fair Use’ exceptions.  If you wish to reprint, permission is easily granted but must be explicitly requested.

In any event I consider it rude not to notify me and link the original.

Each Author who chooses to post here grants me implicit permission to publish their work.  Other than that they retain their own rights and may set any policies they want regarding further dissemination of their pieces.

Likewise I expect Authors who use quotes and reprint articles to show the same courtesy to others.

I hope people find this unconfusing, fair, and equitable.


Authors are responsible for their own writing and fact checking (where applicable).  Promotion does not constitute endorsement.

We accept pieces of fact, journalism, reporting, history, opinion, special interest features, aggregations, humor, satire, poetry, visual and dramatic art, and fiction which need not be explicitly labeled.  We expect our discerning readership to be able to tell the difference.

Your work may be edited for presentation without notification.  You may edit your own work to correct and expand it, but editing to materially change the content and message of your piece or modify the historic record is expressly forbidden and will result in immediate suspension.