Welcome to Stars Hollow

The “park” and its benches are open. It is quite a liberal place, very liberal in fact and not ashamed to say so. We hope to give a space to those who want to feel comfortable expressing their views and ideas, a comfortable place for give and take, discussion, agreement and disagreement. None should expect a Utopia, we all have our own views and ideas, there will always be conflicts and opposition.

Besides the current news, this is an environment for creativity, a place to put your “stuff” for others to enjoy. A place for music, art, fiction or just chit chat about what ever moves the moment, a place to stream your thoughts on life, the universe and everything.

I am not the greatest writer. I read a lot. I like to listen and savor. In my profession, it helps to be able to listen to people and hear what they say. It helps try to understand what other people are thinking and consider their perspective. Life is a learning experience and we never stop learning from the world around us and each other.

So let this begin. Please read the FAQ. There are rules and guidelines, as much as I would love to dispense with them, they are part of life on and off the net. I have written some and ek has written others. We wanted them to be clear and uncomplicated. This is an adult site so we also shouldn’t be offended by the occasional use of foul language or an “adult” exchange, it’s allowed. I have a good feeling that most people who will visit and become “residents” won’t need to be told to treat each other with respect.

So welcome, sit on a bench or stretch out on the grass and enjoy the company.


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  1. Finally, we have arrived at the Band Gazebo in the “park”.

    Pick a bench. Share your thoughts and ideas, your art, music, and stories with us. Enjot the trees and breeze while your read and write with us.

    1. First best of luck, second happy Fourth of July.

      Here’s a look at last night. I was very excited about the accidental bird ending up in tonight’s sunset shot.

      Just about that last light of the evening.

      And then a firework about where the sun went down.

      I hear there will be three planets lining up in the western sky at dusk sometime next week. One is there already but I don’t know which.

      Well I got to get out of here since I have a Nathen’s hot dog eating contest to attend. Have a great day.  

    2. But no motor cycles in the park, Please. 😉

  2. Start the car.  

    1. Originally called “Prohibition Park”, now it’s Westerleigh Park. All the streets surrounding the park are named for prohibitionists. The neighborhood is very Conservative?Republican Tea Party goers who would die a thousand deaths if they knew that their park was used as a banner for a Liberal “winger” blog. I love irony. 😉


  3. tnx!

    1. how I “agonized” about writing any rules at all, except “Do No Harm”. Thanks for reading them though. And WElcome to the “park”

      1. Le Tour hardly worth watching today.

        1. that Paraguay fell apart at the very end of the 90 minutes.  They were doing an amazing job of strangling a Spain team that is all all stars.  And then, ooops, a bad defensive error and they’re on the plane home.

      2. I see you got past the registration “gate”. We are still working out kinks.

        I was stunned at the Brazil loss. Woo. I follow but I don’t know all the technical stuff. Thanks for “volunteering” 😉

  4. for this site. I may not be a frequent commenter but I do like to read people’s opinions, although I may not always agree.

    And just for you TMC, I have read the FAQ; I guess there is a first for everything.

    1. It is usually the first visible and brightest

    2. i’ve missed your sunsets.

      1. edger does fabulous work…. you couldn’t have gotten anyone better.

        thank you for your kind words. edger really out did himself for me. he took my vision & made it sparkle!

        & thank you for adding my wee-tiny blog on your roll. i will return the favour!

    3. It fucking rained fucking here fucking last night. Fuck.

  5. Thanks for doing all of this.

    PS. (or warning)  World Cup rant coming up tomorrow or Tuesday morning.

    1. Not to worry.  Tuesday and Wednesday are going to have some extremely intense, possibly brutal games.  And the final, next week,it’s estimately that a tenth of the world’s populatin will be watching it.  That would be about 600 million viewers.  Zowie.

      1. The Spanish players looked like they were “skating” on the field at times. Almost elegant.

    2. beautiful views they shoot from the helicopters.

      (OK, biker butts in spandex isn’t exactly boring)

      After a few years of this, watching Le Tour in mid-summer is a comfy habit.

      Oh, and hi all, nice place ya got goin’ here!

      1. Diary away. Just one caveat, read the FAQ for the guidelines. As much as I would love that we had only one rule, Do No Harm, we had to expand on that

  6. who’s the crew here?

    mr. hornbeck, mom &…..?

  7. I’ve peed in the new pool already. Not as noisily as I have at other places, but there will be a new stain nonetheless.

  8. Happy Independence Day!

    I’m traveling today. I’ll get to explore the site more when I get home this evening.  

    Hearing about the dumb ass opposite Krugman this morning on the tv reminded me of a piece I need to work on. I better get rolling so I can get it up and posted.

  9. I made it… although, that welcome email was a little scary to say the least ! LOL

    It’ll probably take me a couple days to get the lay of the land and accustom myself to your protocol. I hope everyone has a good Holiday.

    A view from where I live on the Big Island in Hawaii (still part of the USA).


    1. but they might kick me out too!


  10. on the profile I added a picture link-will we have avatars/profile pics that show or is that a bandwidth issue?

  11. Do come and help yourselves to some nice, cold lemonade.  There’s plenty to share.  

    I like this place.  Thanks, MomCat and ek.

    Please consider this as my attempt to make lemonade during a time when I find it nearly impossible to find anything but lemons.  I’m trying my best to find the positive.  It’s just not out there in our political world. At best, there are grains of positive sand among piles of lemons. So we’ve got to make our own.  And sometimes, maybe most of the time, that process won’t be pretty, much to the dismay of those who would prefer to paper over the realities of our situation, and those who would like to make fake lemonade without picking and squeezing the lemons.

    1. we like what you say and want to give you a place to say it and encourage others to join us. We want to keep people informed. We want to educate and have some fun doing it. We want to see this country back on track. You express the ideals of the socially responsible citizen that cares about the continuing downward spiral this country has taken since Ronald Reagan. We like that. We like you

      1. good to see Joanne and Shiz!!!

  12. the ever-changing landscape of the blog-o-sphere never ceases to amaze me!

    nice place!!! hello TMC & ek!!!

  13. I am totally stoked that I finally figured out how to sign up (heh), and dare I say that this website is sorely needed for the DFH community at large. But that prolly went without saying.

    Can’t wait to see how this pans out! Congrats, cheers, and yo, peoples! 🙂

  14. Nice job on the blog, except for the secret codes.  

  15. on Wheels!  So, I can diary anything I want?  I can actually rant without someone telling me “This is not a diary”?

    This could happen.


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