Jul 05 2010


I have stuff. Lots of stuff and not just the tangible kind that you can put your hands on and touch. When I suggested to ek hornbeck that we start this site and began working on diaries that I should write to help fill the pages as we attract readers and participants here, I began by looking at some of the “stuff” in my bookmarks and went WOW, I need to “clean” out all this stuff. Then I said “Wait, I  now have a place to put this “stuff” that I am about to “delete” forever into the infinity of cyberspace”.

So, I am going yo to share with you some of “stuff” that I was about to put into a “trash bin”. Some of it is kind of funny, nostalgic and some of it is sad. Much of it is going to get the reaction I had. “What were you saving that for?” Where you out of your mind?” So here goes.

Squid up nose excites doctors

Things I Learn From My Patients

I think I remember why I saved this but it’s fuzzy

When will the Proxigean Tides arrive between 1999-2020?

I have no frelling clue as to why I saved this. The first paragraph put me into a coma, about its only use since I have insomnia. I found it better than the “Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry”

Of version numbering and convergence

I am pretty sure I know why I saved this but it’s time to send it to the “trash bin”

The 2000s: How things changed

I’m a redhead with brown eyes and I love my kitties


A game I never played but was good for a laugh when I sent it to my Republican in-laws.

Quail Hunting School

My daughter had rescued pet sheep from a petting zoo. One was named “Harold”.

Never mind Crop Circles now we have Sheep Circles


Ewe must be joking: Sheep form a perfect ring in Herefordshire in a bid to copy crop circle

I have this “Cat” in my herb garden.


One more. I sent this to ek as we were banging our heads on our computers putting diaries together and the finishing touches for the “Grand Opening”. This was originally for my son-in-law. a systems analyst and admin for the UN.


The weird sense of really good sysadmins have can border on the sociopathic, but it’s nice to know that it stands between the forces of darkness and your cat’s blog servers.

Got “Stuff”?

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