Jul 10 2010

My Fifth Blogaversary

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Oh my goodness.  On August 7, 2010, my little blog, the Dream Antilles will be five years old.  Time flies on the web.  Blogging is probably passe now.  There are probably millions upon millions of abandoned blogs strewn across the Internet like beer cans on an Alabama roadside.  Today’s was the 794th post.

I have no idea how many people may have seen my blog.  Or who read it.  I admit that I’m defensive about all of that..  I disconnected all the counters (they didn’t work anyway) and took the position that it didn’t matter how many readers there were.  Also, that small was good.  That the writing is an exercise you do, like breathing, because it’s what you do.  If you stop, you’re dead.

Join me below.

I write the blog because I have something I want to say.  I’m happy when people read it.  I’m happy when people comment (that doesn’t happen often).  And I feel a rare sense of pride at the upcoming Blogaversary.  I mean: that is a helluva lot of writing over a long time.

I have no ads.  I get no $$ for blogging.  The donation box has received a grand total of $25 or less since it’s been up.  The blog is just a labor of love.  It continues as long as I continue.  Until I change my mind, or shuffle down the road.  If I have a keyboard and a cup of coffee, I can continue.  I will until it’s time to stop.  And then, no GBCW, I’ll just stop.  If you miss me, count the days, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  

Maybe the blogging is why my second book isn’t written yet.  Or why my nonfiction book has been sitting in a drawer for years now.  Why the screen door isn’t patched.  It’s more addictive than pool.  Maybe that’s why it looks like the Music Man is visiting town.  That’s just how it is, I guess.  I sit at the keyboard and hammer away.  Reminds me of the professor character in Treme: you just rant and rant and rant.  And you’re probably right.  But you know what? If you’re waiting for the applause, you’re gonna wait a very long time.  But I digress.

So, I need a suggestion for an appropriate celebration of this Blogaversary.  Got any ideas?


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