March Meta Madness

Starting on the 15th I’m going to be liveblogging the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments.

Not to get whiny on you, but events like that suck a lot of energy and I’m already quite busy as you can see.

Ideally I’d like someone, or several someones, to step forward and take over some of the easier but more time consuming tasks.

Prime Time in particular takes way too long.  It’s not so much the links (though it typically has just as many as any Evening Edition), it’s finding the quotes.  After making the list I look at the movies (or shows in some cases) for ones I’m familiar with and know have some quotable moments.  After that it’s Google |imdb (film here) quote| which usually turns up the Internet Movie Database quote page and then slugging through them to find something funny or appropriate (not always the same thing).

You can waste a lot of time doing that.

Back in the deep dark mists of 8 months ago when TheMomCat and I were setting up The Stars Hollow Gazette my concept was that we needed content in the overnight period that would remain kind of current and self updating, and provide something of depth and interest (if you click the damn links) for the reader.  I think it’s certainly served that purpose admirably.

Now, of course, I have the daily digests from DocuDharma and firefly dreaming to extend our broadcast day and it’s not quite as critical as it was.

On some levels it’s really instructive to do.  I’m not really a Nexflix type and what I like about cable is that sometimes it presents you with something fresh and interesting that you wouldn’t have thought that you’d like.  Reading the links as I harvested has informed me of things about old favorites I didn’t know.  Sometimes I wish I was able to devote even more time to it.

But it doesn’t have to be done the way I do it either.  Let’s say you were a big fan of (shudder) American Idol and you wanted to do a series of liveblogs.  Well, that’s an ok direction I guess.  So would the Magnifico less is more approach.  At the very least I’d expect you might consider more closely the networks you like and find reliable sources of mindless blogging background noise entertainment.

In any event now is the time to organize for the future and that future includes my customary June “vacation” where I take constant mudbaths at my spa and the Internet is mostly unavailable.  What I’d like to do is transition to a system of rotating responsibility like we used to have with Overnight News Digest and What’s for Dinner.

So, play in on the 15th, if you want alternative programming you’ll have to make your own fun or click the links.

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