Mar 12 2011

Prime Time

Broadcast is dead.  So is cable, all lazy ass play the same B movie twice programming.

And as if to prove all I have said, here is one of the first to go! A lad who sat before me on these very benches, who gave up all to serve in the first year of the war. One of the iron youth who have made Germany invincible in the field! Look at him. Sturdy and bronze and clear-eyed! The kind of soldier every one of you should envy! Paul, lad, you must speak to them. You must tell them what it means to serve your fatherland.

(I)t’s been a long while since we enlisted out of this classroom. So long, I thought maybe the whole world had learned by this time. Only now they’re sending babies, and they won’t last a week! Up at the front you’re alive or you’re dead and that’s all. You can’t fool anybody about that very long. And up there we know we’re lost and done for whether we’re dead or alive. Three years we’ve had of it, four years! And every day a year, and every night a century! And our bodies are earth, and our thoughts are clay, and we sleep and eat with death! And we’re done for because you *can’t* live that way and keep anything inside you!


A man’s hands never seem to get clean, even if he don’t touch nothing. They just stay dirty. Sort of a special kind of dirt. G.I. dirt. I bet one of those criminologists could take a sample out of a guy’s fingernail, put it under a microscope, and say, “That’s G.I. dirt.” The dirt’s always the same color, no matter what country you’re fighting in.

Dave in repeats from 2/3.

Pork Chop Hill is in North Korea now, but those who fought there know for what they died, and the meaning of it.

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    Right now it’s on mute. Rachel was scathingly on the money about the corporate rape of this country. Wisconsin has finally awakened let’s hope the ball doesn’t get dropped. This war on corporations, like the revolution in the Middle East, will be done without Obama, not that he was ever with us.

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