Oct 12 2011

2011 ALCS- Rangers at Tigers Game 3

Well, I can’t pretend the results in this series so far are what I would wish.  At best the Tigers can hope to win at least once in Arlington and advance.  I’m sure they’re gratified that Obama has declared he’d rather watch them than the Republican debate.

Me?  I’m not so sure.

The Rangers will be putting up Colby Lewis who has an ERA of 13 (yup, you can expect him to give up 13 runs for every 9 innings pitched) against the Tigers this year with a substantially superior but still sucky 4.66 ERA last year.  Rangers fans will say that he’s a different pitcher in the post-season with an ERA of only 1.65.

The Tigers will counter with Doug Fister who is much, much better on paper.  Still, while it’s difficult to claim any but an elimination game is a ‘must win’, if they don’t succeed tonight it’s hard to see any way through to the World Series.

Another positive sign for the Tigers is the Rangers record of futility at Comerica Park.  Negative signs are that Magglio Ordonez’s injury may mark end of his career and his replacement Delmon Young will sit tonight after aggravating his oblique strain.

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