Oct 12 2011

Yankee Doodle

Many people don’t remember that Yankee Doodle was originally a song sung by the British to mock the rag-tag appearance of the Colonials.

They later adopted it as an anthem of their own and it endures as one of the most popular patriotic songs to this day.

Just so this particular ditty has appeared in the inboxes of European Bond and Forex traders and those 1%ers sing it (to the tune of I Will Survive) without the irony it so richly encapsulates.

At first we took the aid, we were petrified.

Kept thinking we could only live with Germans by our side.

But then we spent so many nights thinking how you did us wrong,

And we grew strong and learned to string you all along.

And so we’re back.  Just watch this space

What are the yields doing up here?  You’ve got a sad look on your face.

We should have made people pay tax and begun austerity,

But were busy on the beach and you bail us out for free.

Go on now go.  Walk out the door.

Things turned around now and the Dax is on the floor.

Merkel the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye.

Watch the Euro tumble.  EuroStox become the S M I.

Oh no, not I.  I will survive.

Oh as long as Trichet buys our bonds I know I’ll stay alive

We have our cushy lives to live,

And in return nothing to give.

And I’ll survive.  I will survive (hey hey)

Try this 3 line replacement-

We should have made the banksters pay tax and broke up too big to fail.

But you were busy in the Hamptons and knew the Treasury would bail.

Go on you Galts.  Walk out that door.

Sings a little truer now, doesn’t it?

Say what you like about the Nutmeg State, we have fine taste in traitors.

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