122nd Tournament of Roses Parade

Customarily I’d be live blogging commentary for you, but this year I happen to be visiting with a friend who doesn’t have TV.

Still there are features of interest you might wish to remark on.

This year’s Rose Parade is on the 2nd instead of New Year’s Day because the NFL is such an 800 pound gorilla that nothing interferes with pre-playoff Sunday in which I have but a passing interest (heh).  I find that remarkable and as I have no idea who won or lost yesterday you may choose to surprise me with the results.

The parade itself is not without features of interest-

122nd Rose Parade to kick off with pomp, pageantry and political protest by Occupiers

By Associated Press, The Washington Post

Monday, January 2, 4:02 AM

Police, parade and city officials have held numerous meetings with the organizers of Occupy the Rose Parade to ensure that protesters keep to the end of the two-hour long procession, where spectators and other groups who want to make political statements regularly tag along.

Several hundred activists are expected to turn out to carry a 70-foot wide octopus puppet that symbolizes the far-reaching influence of corporations, a giant U.S. Constitution, a “Goldie Sachs” wheel of fortune, as well as banners, placards and drums.

It is expected to get at least moderate media coverage on a market closed Monday.  I doubt very much they will qualify for any of the trophies unless they have an equestrian unit or cover their floats with flowers.

The regular hoopla starts at 11 am (ET) on NBC and ABC.  KTLA is supposed to have a live feed here.  This year they will have 16 Marching Bands and 22 Equestrian Units in addition to 44 flower covered Floats.

Hope you had a safe and happy celebration.  This is an Open Thread (but aren’t they all?).




    See the Mummified Horse!

    Listen to the Tom Tucker/Diane Simmons commentary!

    All the Horsies, Bands, and Floats.

    No Occupy coverage unfortunately, real news not allowed except for the horse that got sidewiped by a biker.

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