Sep 17 2012

If The Glove Don’t Fit, You Must Acquit

Cokie’s Law

At this point, it doesn’t much matter whether she said it or not because it’s become part of the culture. I was at the beauty parlor yesterday and this was all anyone was talking about.

As you know I only report the most scurrilous rumors and I ran across one today that even Yves Smith hesitated to talk about-

Condom used as evidence in Assange sex case ‘does not contain his DNA’ Daily Mail. Remember, this IS the Daily Mail!

Well, like most journalisticy ‘institutions’ The Daily Mail is a fine training ground for stenography OR fiction and in this case they have the benefit of being backed up by Wiki Leaks Central as reported by TheMomCat (The Tangled Web That Nations Weave: Part 2 Tue Aug 21, 2012).

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