Oct 07 2012

2012 AL Division Series- As at Tigers, Game 2

First of all, here are the links TheMomCat found for me so you can share the game if you don’t happen to get MLB Network.

The live scoreboard is pretty interesting, we were playing around with it last night.  Among other things it updates almost in real time and lots of interesting information is available when you mouse over the bases.

Lesson #1- Stay away from Verlander

Bay area teams got bit yesterday but fans should not despair.  One of the reasons critics don’t like the 5 game short series is that there’s not enough time to do a full pitching rotation.  Now me?  I disagree because it means more thought goes into managing and pitcher’s duels are boring unless you’re following pitch by pitch which requires a lot of concentration.

In any event you’ll only see Verlander once more.

And that’s if the As hang in there.  It’s hard to call a Game 2 critically important, but if they don’t split at Comerica Park they’ll be put in the position of having to win out at the Coliseum.

The Tigers on the other hand can take it easy if they want to, but what they should really do is put the screws on and give themselves 3 chances for victory.  They won’t play again at home unless they’re in the League Championship.  Today’s starting pitchers are Doug Fister (10 – 10, 3.45 ERA) who was much better after the All-Star break and As rookie Tommy Milone (13 – 10, 3.74 ERA).


Big sports day today with 4 games running from noon to around midnight which is 12+ hours of tracking the pitches and writing the diaries.  Games start at roughly noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm.  In addition to that there were 2 hours of Suzuka this morning and will be 90 minutes of special America’s Cup yacht racing coverage from TheMomCat at around 4 pm (NBC).

I’ll attempt to stay as alert as possible because America needs more Lerts.

Thank goodness for Monday.  Only 2 games tomorrow.


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    Called strike.  Batter disagrees.

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  26. TMC

     Crisp flied out to center fielder A.Jackson. Drew grounded out, second baseman Infante to first baseman Fielder. Cespedes grounded out, third baseman Mi.Cabrera to first baseman Fielder.

    Runs: 0, Hits: 0

  27. TMC

    Runs: 0, Hits: 0

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  30. TMC
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  33. TMC
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    Cabrera safe at first on fielding error by center fielder Crisp, Jackson scored, Infante scored.

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    Cook pitching for the A’s

  40. TMC

    Benoit pitching for Tigers

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    Grant Balfour pitching for the A’s

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  44. TMC

    Monday is travel day to Oakland for Game 3 on Tuesday which could see the end of the A’s for the season.  

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