Oct 08 2012

2012 NL Division Series- Reds at Giants, Game 2

It gets better

I certainly hope so.

It’s really hard to overstate how tough it is to win 3 Sudden Death games on the road.  If they happen to split at AT&T park then it’s no harm no foul, but if the Reds only need to win one then the series could be quite short indeed.

Last night’s game was much more disappointing than the score would indicate.  You would have thought having their ace Cueto out after a mere 8 pitches would have disrupted the Reds more, but instead it was the Giants who seemed out of sync.

Still were it even a hundred run shut out there’s only one W a game and tonight we start fresh with Bumgarner (16 – 11, 3.37 ERA) facing the Reds’ Arroyo (12 – 10, 3.74 ERA).

It may be tonight we see the effects of Cueto’s back spasms, Arroyo’s recent record is not exactly confidence inspiring and I’m sure Dusty Baker would rather have gotten the performance from Cueto and still have Latos in the bag for tonight.  Cueto is listed day to day but certainly will not appear before Game 4.  It’s not like he had a day off, he pitched a full warmup and has an injury.

The Giants need to get some offense going against the lesser part of the rotation if they are to advance this season and Bumgarner must pitch well.  Defense can’t help you against the long ball and the 2 Reds Homers produced enough runs to win all by themselves.

So if you root Giants hope they put on a show tonight.  If on the other hand you’re a Reds fan you can take some encouragement from the fact you crushed their Ace on the field and need perform no better than normal at home to get into the League Championship.

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