2012 Presidential Debate 3

Thank goodness for Baseball.

Because they tape early Jon (D.L. Hughley) and Stephen (Donald Sadoway) will be mercifully free from actual debate coverage.  If even that is a mite too much there is always…

The Hypnotoad

"Television is a vast wasteland"

Or you can watch a different kind of professional wrestling where the results are fixed.

This debate is back to the 10 minute segment, 2 for each candidate, 6 minutes of freestyle all the Very Serious Progressives agreed that Jim Lehrer did a bad job at because Obama lost.  My attitude is that if principles and fairness don’t matter more that personality worship and the jingoistic triumph of the tribe you can hardly claim to be very ‘progressive’ at all, let alone serious.

Most likely it will be a contest to see who can pander the most to Benjamin Netanyahu who is not to be confused with the State of Israel or the Jewish people.  Part of that is practicing anti-Muslim bigotry which is why Muslims like us so much.

Well, that and the fact that we keep stealing from them and killing their families and friends which are always sympathetic qualities calculated to influence hearts and minds.

As I said in Kill List it’s not really a question about them.  Just as with W you may be excused for not understanding initially who you were voting for and what their policies actually are.

After 4 years you have no excuse.

The question you have to answer for yourself is this one-

What will it take?  How many innocents will have to die before you can no longer ignore the corpses?

Are you a ‘Good German’ or not?

There are vast differences, vast I tell you!  At least the trains run on time!

Do they?

The group that consistently cares more about the deficit are, simply put, rich people. They don’t want their hard-earned massive tax cuts to get clawed back because the deficit gets so high that they can no longer use the “job creator” charade to shield themselves. So they obsess about the deficit, as a means to cut anything but their tax cuts. That’s the game. And the rich spend tens of millions to make that a reality, shaping opinions in Washington. The Democrats have sought to become the party of austerity in many ways to curry favor to a political class that demands so-called “fiscal responsibility.” But in reality, without our large deficit, we would not even have the recovery we have, a recovery that has outpaced the rest of the world, particularly in Europe, where they are mired in far more damaging austerity.

I confess that I find myself far more interested and invested in Sports Futures than I am in anything that’s likely to be said or done in Florida tonight.

This is an Open Thread.


  1. If “the Illuminati” wants to rule the world they best come up with a far better show.

    I’m glad there was baseball to watch instead.

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