Dec 02 2012

The Internet Improves Your Life!

It’s TRUE!  I read it on the… oh, wait.

File under reality outstripping satire.

Facebook charges you to talk to more than 15% of your "friends".

brucedixon, Corrente

Mon, 11/26/2012 – 3:15pm

This might be old news to you, but not to me. In a conversation with Davey D today, really on the new FCC rulings being promulgated, he noted in passing that Facebook is now charging you for the privilage of talking to all your “fans” and “friends.” I spent a few minutes online right after the conversation, and confirmed it. According to Facebook’s own advertising department, on the average, about 15% of the folks you imagine are getting your stuff are getting it. The other 80 or 85%….. not. That’s one in five if you’re lucky, one in seven if you’re not.

Ever wondered what that “promote” button at the bottom of your posts is? That’s the doorway to talking to ALL your followers or friends or fans. It’s the ONLY doorway, and it’s a toll booth.

This is not a bug, it’s a feature. Facebook is not a level playing field, and it’s certainly NOT a meritocratic online universe in which you can “earn” an audience and then once that audience is built get to address them merely by posting on your Facebook page in the certainty that they will see it. What would be the profit in that? If you want to talk to ALL of”your” friends instead of the random percentage FB allows you have to pay Facebook for the privilege, about $1 per click thru item per “friend.”

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