Dec 07 2012

The Hanukkah Story

Please keep in mind that I’m even less Jewish than I am Christian so if I differ in details it’s pure ignorance, not malice.

At some point a Syrian King named Antiochus captured Jerusalem, outlawed Judaism, looted the Temple erected by Solomon, and sacrificed pigs on the altar.

To be fair it might have been lobsters, the point is that to express his contempt and enmity he was as disrespectful as he could figure out how to be.

Shortly (as these things go in antiquity which has a much more relaxed and nebulous time frame than contemporary reality) after that a group of Jewish rebels recaptured the city and set about ritually re-dedicating the Temple, a process that involved continuous illumination from a lamp called a menorah.

The supply of oil for this task was limited to a single day and more would not be available for at least eight, yet miraculously the lamp continued to burn.

Further speculation on my part seems unwarranted.  Should you be celebrating this season I wish you and yours a happy and enjoyable time.

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