Jan 06 2013

Wildcard Throwball: Colts at Ravens

As I told TMC yesterday (offline, don’t bother looking) throwball is more about who you hate the most.

Today we start with 2 teams either of which is an approprate target for your scorn and derision.

On the one hand we have the Bolts

(M)any of the prominent old-time Colts, many of whom had settled in the Baltimore area, were bitter and chose to cut all ties to the relocated Colts team. Most notable and vocal among them was Johnny Unitas, who recognized himself solely as a player for the Baltimore Colts until the day he died, with his estate defending that stand to this day.

And on the other we have the Carrion Crows who’s only redeeming feature is that they failed in their attempt to carpetbag away from the land of Cleves before the community was able to reclaim their name.

(T)he agreement stipulated that the Browns’ name, colors, uniform design and franchise records would remain in Cleveland. The franchise history includes Browns club records and connections with Pro Football Hall of Fame players. Modell’s Baltimore team, while retaining all current player contracts, would, for purposes of team history, appear as an expansion team, a “new franchise.”

So Bolts or Crows– slime pit Hell wrestling until they both get their asses kicked.


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  1. ek hornbeck
  2. ek hornbeck
  3. ek hornbeck

    Dueling Fumbles.

  4. BobbyK
  5. BobbyK
  6. BobbyK

    Touchdown Ravens

  7. BobbyK
  8. BobbyK

    End of first half.

  9. BobbyK

    Ravens get sacked.

    Second play- 30 yard throw. complete.

  10. BobbyK
  11. BobbyK
  12. BobbyK

    Lead Colts by 11

  13. BobbyK

    Colts recover.

  14. BobbyK
  15. BobbyK

    24-9 Baltimore.  

  16. BobbyK
  17. BobbyK
  18. BobbyK

    intercepted. 5:24 left in game.

  19. BobbyK
  20. BobbyK

    2:10 left. Game over.

  21. BobbyK

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