Feb 17 2013

Seattle Teachers NO Mayor Burgess NO Mayor Murray

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I’m going to put the diary below the fold.  I want it to fit on 1 page of paper for those of us who are paying for our own leaflets.

I will be distributing it to fellow citizens when the sell out 0-crat$ darling Michelle Rhee comes to Seattle on Tues., 19 Feb.


I will be distributing it at local Democratic party legislative district meetings in the next few months: the 36th (Hey Tim!), the 43rd (Hey Ed!), the 46th and the 32nd.  


In 2012 there were a lot of voters on the Democratic side whose voting choices were largely influenced by Lesser Of Two Evil (LOTE) thinking. IF you are tiring of that LOTE argument having too much influence on your voting – I’m talking to YOU!

Tim Burgess wants the citizens of Seattle to elect him Mayor of Seattle in 2013. He made this announcement at the end of November 2012. In November 2012 those same Seattle citizens voted against the Charter School Initiative 1240, in many precincts by over 60%.  Some of Mr. Burgess’ most prominent supporters are 1240 supporters because they are active education deformers. Who is Mr. Burgess going to representing on education issues? Will it be Seattle’s citizens?

Charter Initiative 1240 Voting By Precinct



The charter initiative 1240 obtained enough signatures for the ballot because millionaires and billionaires spent millions getting the signatures.  Those rich people then paid for a multi-million dollar campaign which outspent the opposition appx. 17 to 1 so they could win 507 to 493. Initiative 1240 is the full employment act for education deformers in Washington.

I’ve been a Seattle high school math teacher for 7 years. The education deformers have done some good to help kids who are being failed by the community and the system. A broken clock is also right twice a day. The good deformers do is completely negated by the incessant, relentless deformer work blaming those of us in the buildings for systemic problems starting far from our doors. Nationally, their work is good old fashioned pinstripe patronage. Isn’t it time for something more than Lessor Of Two Evil politicians wearing the Democratic label?

The citizens of the City of Seattle voted against the 2012 Charter School Initiative 1240, in many precincts by over 60%.  Mr. Burgess wants the citizens to elect him – who is Mr. Burgess going to representing on education issues? Deformers and their pinstripe cronies, or, citizens?


State Senator Ed Murray (D – 43rd) sponsored SB 5895, signed into law in March of 2012,  tying evaluations of those of working with kids to student test scores.

SB 5895 – VAM The Working Stiffs

This evaluation-by-test-score is known as “Value Added Modeling” (VAM) It is a favorite of ed deformers. It is scientific junk.

A look at the MAP test and Value Added Measures (VAM)

For a very complete blog on current issues in education and on the shenanigans of the deformers, PLEASE skim diaries on Diane Ravitch’s blog for the past 10 days. (Caution: the analysis of Ms. Ravitch and her contributors is not bombastic.)

Ms. Ravitch’s Blog

From age 18 in ’78 to ’08 I’ve voted for hundreds of Democratic candidates. I have voted for too many from the purported ‘moderate’ / ‘centrist’ branch who keep compromising with right wing liars by giving the righties ½ of the latest right wing defined sell out.  I’m in my 5th decade of being in the bottom 80%+++, my 4th decade of living with incessant sell outs to right wing liars, and the 4th decade of us of know no-bodies getting Blue Tarp Careers with Blue Tarp Health Care Access, Blue Tarp Retirement Security, Blue Tarp Unemployment and Retraining Security, and Blue Tarp Housing Security.  There is exactly 1 good reason for the Ed Murray’s to keep up their Keystone Cop routine with the Rodney Toms and the ed deformers of the world – we allow it with our money, our time and our votes. I’m done allowing it – how about you?  

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