Feb 18 2013

Times Tesla Test Drive

So I happen to have a very old, very fast car that I rarely use.  It’s unreliable and can leave you inconveniently stranded at your destination, unable to return home.  It’s hard to drive because of the performance suspension and to get in and out of because of the configuration (it’s nickname is ‘The Flying Penis’).  While the mileage doesn’t suck it’s nothing to brag about and there is no cargo space at all.

On the other hand it still goes like stink and provided you’ve assured yourself a suitable stretch of road is enforcement free it’s a blast at high speeds.

These are not uncommon traits in a vehicle like this, mine is in fact relatively civilized.

What’s surprising about a piece like John Broder’s is that someone who should know better about the inherent unruliness of this type of automobile complains with particular pettiness and spite about the Tesla Model S.

Now I happen to think the computer logs prove Broder a pants on fire prevaricating liar and his apologists credulous fools grasping at straws (to say nothing of his own feeble attempts to avoid Judith Millerdom), but this is not the first time.

So what motivates this vitriol against electric cars?

Well, range is a problem.  Until I read up on this I had no idea it was so limited- around 40 miles for the Volt in pure electric mode, 73 for the Leaf.  Perfectly fine for errands, not so much for trips.

But I think that more fundamentally it’s God, Guns, and Gays.

Gasoline is a dinosaur in more ways than one.  Either it disappears or we do.  Turn Left Racing is the most popular spectator sport in the U.S. (Throwball has better TV ratings).  It feeds the populist fantasy that with a little more practice or firepower you too can be a hero for people so down and out their solace is the fact that at least they’re not a ____ and there will be pie in the sky by and by, by and by, on the big rock candy mountain.  Were your life that miserable and you a little less cynical you’d cling to it too.

But it’s all an illusion, magical thinking and distractions.  The big stories today are Danica Patrick’s love life and Daytona Pole.

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