Apr 23 2013

Lack of Common Sense

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Lack of Common Sense

I believe we seriously have a problem with our elected representatives in that there is a lack of common sense.  Let me ask a few questions.

Why does anyone need an automatic weapon with a 100 round clip?  Common sense tells us; no.  The second amendment would still allow handguns, shotguns and rifles.  This rush to protect automatic weapons from governmental laws will only increase violence.  More guns, more deaths.  Multiple deaths of innocents.  If I have to get a license to drive a car from the DMV and I have to get a license for my dog at City Hall, wouldn’t it make sense I would have to get a gun license from a place within our government?  I would think background checks would be more accurate than at a local gun show.  I also have to have insurance for my car and my dog is covered by my house insurance in case of any unforeseen accidents.  This would be a boondoggle for the insurance companies if insurance was required for any type of weapon.  The bigger the gun, the bigger the policy.  Why are we continuing to be a violent nation when all we have to do is use a little common sense?  How many dead children and devastated families does it take before we do the right thing?  Please give me the number and I will cry until we reach it.

When an individual is elected and swears to uphold the constitution, why are they allowed to sign a pledge with someone to not raise taxes?  Two masters is one too many.  Choose one or the other.  Is Grover more important than the constitution?  To me this seems treasonous.

Come on now, is a corporation really a person?  When a corporation signs up for a colonoscopy, I personally will grant them personhood.

Money is speech?  Here’s a dollar.  I have two words for you.  Get’em for fifty cents apiece.

Torture not prosecuted?  Dick Chaney and Dubya and Rumsfeld did more to tarnish our image around the world than any other administration in the history of our nation.  Why do we allow this from our elected officials?  We say we are a nation of laws, but only for the people, not the Executive Branch?  I wrote this to Holder way back when:

To have accountability or not to have accountability,

That is the question:

Whether tis nobler in the mind to just look forward

And forget the torture and lawlessness of the Bush Administration,

Or, to take up the rule of law, and prosecute them.

And by investigation and prosecution, end them.

Accountability or not-

No more-and by that we say, stop this.

This heartache and thousand felonious shocks

That Bush suffered the country with his legacy.

Tis accountability, devoutly to be wished.

Accountability or not-

Investigation and prosecution.  Ay, there’s the rub,

For with that sunshine of facts what crimes may come

When we have revealed the truth of the Neocons

Must give us pause.  There’s the respect

For the rule of law that makes us all equal.

For who would spurn the Constitution and its laws,

The cronies backdoor, the corporations outsourcing,

The pangs of Darth Vader, Gonzales’ no recall,

The insolence of Bush, the spurns

That merited the cries of Impeachment!

Then we learned the house and senate

Left our table bare.

How can these representatives say,

To those that grunt and sweat under a weary life,

That the dread of something other than Bush,

That history will prove him a great visionary,

It puzzles the will.

And makes us bear this shame upon our country,

That will last for eternity.

Will investigation make cowards of us all,

Will prosecution derive a resolution

Of the administration that had no law?

With this regard the rule of law

Must not lose the name of action.

Let’s just start with these issues.  Why can’t our elected officials deal with these issues with common sense?  What is stopping them from doing the right thing?  Someone please tell me.  Thank you.